WATCH: Biden Takes Orders from EASTER BUNNY at White House Event


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Each year, children and their families gather at the White House’s Easter Egg Roll presided over by the President. But this year, it appears that President Joe Biden was taking orders from the event’s easter bunny.

Multiple videos show the President seemingly responding to the bunny’s directives, and in one clip, the costumed rabbit even dragged Biden out of a reporter’s camera when he began speaking about Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Here is the first video we have for you today, which shows the bunny telling Biden where to go during the event:

Last time we checked, it is perfectly normal for an able-bodied president to chat with crowds at the Easter Egg roll. It was under Obama and Trump, at least. But it seems that Biden’s staff can’t even trust the President with that level of voter engagement.

The Easter Bunny also dragged Biden away from a conversation with reporters about Afghanistan and Pakistan. Watch:

This is concerning, and Biden’s face when he turns to the rabbit says it all.

Finally, Biden was also ordered around by FLOTUS Jill Biden during his address to the gathering. Jill can be heard telling Biden to clap through the microphone:

Biden’s middling mental fitness is a grave concern for America, and apparently, the administration does not even trust Biden to function at a low-lift Easter event. It’s bad.