Boebert SLAMS Eric Swalwell and “Jihad Squad” Member Ilhan Omar on House Floor (FULL CLIP)


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During a House debate regarding the censure of Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) for a video he tweeted, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) went in on a number of Democrats for their own ‘inappropriate’ acts.

The clip Gosar tweeted, an anime video, showed him and other America First Republicans, including Boebert, Donald Trump, and Matt Gaetz, as heroes fighting the likes of AOC and Joe Biden. Watch the video, now deleted from Twitter:

The video, albeit a bit odd, is shaky grounds for censure and is clearly an animated clip not to be taken too seriously. Boebert said as much in her speech to the House floor during debate, and she didn’t stop there. The freshman representative from Colorado used her time, which was to be used to discuss “inappropriate actions from a Congressperson,” to do just that, flipping it on sleazy Democrats.

Boebert proceeded to shred Ilhan Omar for her sketchy relationships, point out Maxine Waters’ speeches calling for violence, and put Eric Swalwell on blast for sleeping with a Chinese spy. Watch:

Boebert has made a name for herself since her election in 2020, pushing back against the left-wing agenda with an America First flare. Many Republicans have come out in support of Gosar on social media in light of his censure Wednesday, which was decided on party lines in the House.

Democrats have shredded Boebert for her hurtful comments, which are mostly, for the record, objectively true. In fact, the allegations levied against Swalwell for sleeping with a Chinese spy are completely true. Here’s an excerpt on Fang Fang from Rogue Review’s previous reporting on the matter:

Chinese national Fang Fang (also known as Christine Fang) was embedded in American politics for her years-long intelligence campaign.

Fang was active in her intelligence-gathering role from 2011 to 2015 and was planted in the Bay Area to target up-and-coming politicians who had the potential to make it to the national stage. She had sexual affairs with at least two Midwestern mayors, campaigned for Swalwell and Hawaii’s 2nd district House Representative, Tulsi Gabbard, in 2013, according to an Axios investigation. Gabbard later ran for president against Swalwell in 2020.


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