BREAKING: Person Who Stalked a Juror Home from Rittenhouse Trial is an MSM Journalist!?


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In a BOMBSHELL development, early reports are suggesting that a person recently caught following a Rittenhouse trial juror to their doorstep is a member of the mainstream media. The journalist is suspected to be from MSNBC, according to sources.

Townhall Media’s Julio Rosas reported that, in response, Judge Bruce Schroeder has thrown MSNBC out of the courtroom for the time being:

Tim Pool (@timcast) posted to Twitter with his source’s information at the same time as Rosas. Pool’s report also includes the alleged name of the MSNBC ‘reporter:’

Judge Bruce Schroeder laid down the hammer on MSNBC, completely shunning the network from his courtroom on Thursday. Watch that clip here:

We will continue to keep you updated on the very latest news regarding the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Read more of our latest reports:

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  1. It’s not surprising. That’s all the left know how to do is lie, cheat and steal. They don’t do anything the honest way. People are fed up with the lies, the fake racist remarks, the fake white supremacists remarks. All we want to hear is the truth and they prefer to spread garbage.

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