BRAND NEW Footage Shows Peaceful MAGA Crowd Being Led to Capitol By Police MOMENTS BEFORE Tear Gas


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Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec took to Twitter Sunday night to release a video leaked to him from the January 6th events. The video, he says, was obtained from a trusted source.

In the footage, you can see an extremely calm and docile crowd protesting the GOP’s refusal to audit the results of the 2020 election. The video is timestamped at 1:24 PM, which was just before Nancy Pelosi’s police force fired tear gas and stun grenades at the peaceful protestors.

There is also another recently viral clip showing a Capitol police offer WAVING the Trump supporters to the Capitol (keep scrolling).

THIS is the clip Posobiec released to Twitter showing the calm Trump-allied crowd:

Here is the video mentioned above that explicitly shows a Capitol officer waving pro-Trump proponents into the U.S. Capitol grounds, where they were ultimately flash banged:

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  1. There were so many reports that screamed out this was a setup, such as ANTIFA and BLM bus being escorted to the Capitol by police, the FBI involvement along with days before Jan 6 th Polosi and DC Mayor were informed there was a high degree of certainty that there was going to be disturbances at the Capitol building on Jan 6 th

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