JUST IN: July VAERS Data Show Spiking Post-Vax Complications and Deaths


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Last month, we reported that post-vaccine deaths had outweighed COVID-19 deaths for two consecutive weeks, according to VAERS and the CDC.

Now, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has reported their new data for the month of July’s final week. The data show some staggering figures. Deaths are up 5% on the week-to-week scale, as total complications and adverse effects spiked by 10%:

The data shows 539 MORE reported dead from vaccines during the week of July 23rd. This is how the charts look on a yearly scale:

So far this year, over 100,000 people have dealt with serious adverse side effects due to the COVID-19 vaccinations. Yet, the media, pop culture icons, and politicians continue to push citizens to get the vaccine.

Even once-great Fox News and its most popular hosts are promoting the experimental jabs.

Last month, we also reported that the CDC quietly doubled post-vax deaths on their website. Once called out for this escapade, they released a statement claiming the data was a mistake. Clearly, the CDC’s mission is not backed in science but in political servitude.

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