BREAKING: Biden’s Schedule LEAKED: Back to Camp David with a Long Weekend Vaca Ahead


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In another episode highlighting Biden’s utter incompetence, the White House has released the President’s schedule for the rest of the week.

After traveling back and forth from Camp David the past week and a half, Biden is now slated to head back to his hideout soon, on the heels of his interview with MSNBC.

Then, according to WMAL 105.9 news, Biden will head to his familiar home in Wilmington, Delaware for an ultra-long weekend vacation. WMAL’s source is a good one — the Federal Aviation Administration:

This news comes after a tumultuous week for the international community. As Afghanistan fell to Taliban fighters rapidly, Joe Biden was NOWHERE to be found.

The leader of the free world has made America an embarrassment throughout this presidency. His newly-released schedule once again proves what most of us came to accept long ago… Joe Biden is unfit to run this country.

Australian Sky News Host Alan Jones agrees. You can watch that video here:

WATCH: Aussie News Host Says What CNN Won’t About Biden: “Utterly Unfit!”

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