DETAILS: Vax-Related Deaths and Injuries SPIKING in NEW VAERS Report


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The newest batch of VAERS data released last week shows a heightening number of adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine. This news comes as the CDC punches its approval on a third dose for Americans, while President Joe Biden suggests the same.

The data finds the following:

  • 571,831 reports of adverse events
  • 12,791 deaths — including an increase of 425 since the previous week
  • 77,490 serious injuries

It is truly staggering that the American media refuses to report on adverse vaccine events in order to cover for Big Pharma and the bureaucratic medical community.

This chart shows just how dangerous the vaccine has proven to be for thousands of previously healthy Americans:

Here are some of the more specific details regarding adverse vaccine reactions, reported by the Defender:

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6 Responses

  1. You must not be on the right side. Cause everything we try to say gets censored and the only ones who need to censor are the ones with something to hide. And what they are hiding is all truth. They are evil and they are using this vaccine to kill you and the rest of us. These are just the deaths that are getting reported. It’s much higher. So with your smart ass comment, enlighten us on the specifics what’s in it, and why are they pushing it when there really is no threat. No virus either.

  2. Who cares Each must decide each must face decisions and noone else Stop trying to convince your feelings of anguish for the needs of the many. Your decision period.

    1. Uh, just one problem with keeping everyone but the government/CDC quiet: It’s impossible to make an educated decision for yourself or anyone else if you don’t have access to all pertinent information – regardless of what the subject may be. Once you’re sufficiently knowledgeable, then it’s up to you as an individual to make a decision according to the facts at hand.

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