BREAKING: FDA Admits THIS Polio-Like Disease is Linked to Johnson & Johnson Vaccine


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Many Americans are still hesitant to get the vaccine… and for good reason.

The FDA has now added a scary new warning to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, informing Americans that the jab has been linked to worsened Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

GBS is an extremely rare autoimmune disorder that attacks and damages the body’s nerves, sometimes leading to full-on paralysis. According to the CDC, GBS should be considered a serious disease with the potential to kill or seriously maim. Symptoms of GBS can last from weeks to years.

Unfortunately, nerve damage brought on by GBS is often irreparable, leading some survivors to a very painful post-recovery reality. While it is not viral like polio, the disease’s outcomes can be very similar.

More on the FDA’s announcement:

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has received its fair share of blowback in the past few months, as the U.S. medical community insists experimental vaccinations are safer than COVID-19, which has a death rate well below .02% among most age groups.

The .02% benchmark that has held steady for many months also fails to address other important patient details, including overall health and pre-existing conditions. As the Biden administration shoves pro-vaccination propaganda down the throats of non-consenting Americans, French President Emmanuel Macron just announced a full-blown mandate.


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