BREAKING: Louisville Shooter’s Manifesto Unveiled: Terror Attack Motivated By Hardcore Left-Wing, Anti-Gun Ideology


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Connor Sturgeon, the gunman responsible for the deadly shooting at a Louisville, Kentucky bank, reportedly left behind a manifesto outlining his anti-gun beliefs before heading to work and murdering his colleagues earlier this month.

The manifesto was discovered by authorities during a search of Sturgeon’s home following the shooting.

According to reports, Sturgeon, a 25-year-old resident of Louisville, had written in his manifesto that he was against the use of guns and believed that they should be banned. He also reportedly expressed frustration with Americans’ refusal to subvert the Second Amendment.

Those on the right have been quick to point out that this incident is yet another example of how gun control laws do not work. They argue that even if guns were banned, criminals would still find ways to obtain them and use them for violence.

Furthermore, some have criticized the media for their coverage of the shooting, arguing that the media is sensationalizing the shooting and ignoring other important items, such as addressing the root causes of violence, like mental illness and a lack of security measures in public places.

Many on the left continue to call for stricter gun control laws, despite little evidence showing their effectiveness.

Multiple recent mass shootings were committed by diehard leftists, like Sturgeon; 28-year-old transgender Audrey Hale, who also wrote a manifesto, killed six at The Covenant School last month in Nashville.

Some conservatives have expressed concern that Hale’s manifesto is still being hidden.

10 Responses

  1. Commonalities in all mass shooting:
    1 – Gun was used (obviously)
    2 – Gun Free Zone (where victims could not shoot back nor stop attack)
    3 – Shooter was taking mind altering drugs prescribed by a doctor.*
    4 – Family members knew of shooter’s mental issues but took no steps to alert local police or ATF.

    * Big Pharma spends $350 billion on lobbyists to keep politicians from regulating drugs, reporting patient treatment files to government agencies regulating sales of guns to the mentally ill.
    As a comparison – the NRA spends about $6 million on lobbyists – $342 billion less than Big Pharma and that ‘hush’ money buys a lot of silence from the media/politicians about the ‘real problem’ of mass shootings.

  2. Since when did sick pos’s start leaving pages long detailed manifesto’s?
    They used to just shoot up the place, and then people had to figure out after the fact, NOT leave a detailed blueprint already spell checked for media consumption.

    NONE of this sounds right.

  3. Does anyone but me think that there is something fishy about all the multiple shootings with perpetrators and manifestos? Back to back shootings. Focus on the perpetrator and not the victims? What the heck is going on? Is there a bigger agenda here? Who has the means, opportunity and motive to influence young people to commit these horrendous crime and then put all the emphasis on the shooter and not the victims. Something is really off!

  4. Does any of it matter? What is of more importance to me is how this man accumulated the weapons without anyone saying anything.

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