NEW: Biden Signs Radical Executive Order, Creating ‘Template For Social Credit System’ (DETAILS)


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President Joe Biden signed a radical executive order to enforce ‘environmental and social justice’ for federal agencies Friday.

The order enacts federal “scorecards” that will assess the social and environmental impact of government actions and “hold agencies accountable” for promoting so-called ‘equity.’

The Post Millennial reports:

The order establishes a White House Office of Environmental Justice, headed by a Federal Chief Environmental Justice Officer who will oversee “environmental justice” goals throughout the government.

The order says it will focus on ensuring that lower-income people and minorities are not subjected to “disproportionate environmental harms,” especially those stemming from “a legacy of racial discrimination, including redlining.”

The order will require agencies to notify nearby communities in the event of a release of toxic substances from a federal facility and directs agencies to address gaps in science, data and research related to “environmental justice.”

The White House also announced a new environmental justice scorecard that will assess federal agencies’ records on environmental justice. 

“The Executive Order charges federal agencies with conducting new assessments of their environmental justice efforts and developing, implementing, and periodically updating an environmental justice strategic plan. These Environmental Justice Strategic Plans and Assessments will be submitted to the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and made public on a regular basis, including through the Environmental Justice Scorecard, a new government-wide assessment of federal agencies’ efforts to advance environmental justice,” the White House said.

The notion of “scorecards” is concerning for many conservatives, who argue that this move could be seen as the Biden administration setting the stage for a social credit system that could target individuals for not holding the same values as the ruling regime.

Some opponents of the far-left order have also argued that agencies will feel pressured to prioritize social justice concerns in order to receive favorable scores, rather than focusing on the bottom line, and the country’s overall well-being.

5 Responses

  1. The sitting president was given the power of ‘Executive Orders’ as a temporary tool to use in times of emergency when the Congress could not meet and debate what course of action to take concerning the immediate threat/problem/disaster. (like Pearl Harbor, 9/11, biohazard covid release). It was never intended to be used as a permanent decree from a dictator wanna-be.
    FJoeBiden is somewhere around 100 Executive Orders being issued in two years – all because he cannot get his will passed by a majority vote in Congress.

  2. After much thought I have come to the conclusion that Congress MUST pass some legislation strictly limiting what the president can do with executive orders as well as what kind of rules certain executive agencies can enact. First Biden uses the EO to put a woke czar in charge of making sure all executive agencies are following the DIE cult agenda, then the EPA sets emission rules aimed at doing away with ICE vehicles forcing inferior and costly EVs with limited range and long charge times down consumer’s throats and now he’s having agencies go even further with this environmental justice scorecard nonesense. It is abundantly clear that EOs are too volatile and lack oversight as do some of the rules that agencies can just set absent congressional oversight. Democrats are doing everything they can with EOs and agency rules to wreck the country. The next time we get a Republican in office they need to do more than just counteract what the Dems did, they need to work with congress to prevent Dems from doing this shit again in the future.

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