BREAKING: Rep. Andy Biggs Announces Challenge for Speaker; Will Run Against McCarthy


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Republican Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ-05) has officially announced his bid for Speaker of the House in the next Congress.

In an op-ed published in the Daily Caller, Biggs issued a scathing condemnation of longtime House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy and the staunchly anti-Trump Liz Cheney, who once chaired the party’s conference.

Titled, “I’m Running To Replace Kevin McCarthy As House Speaker And Break The Establishment,” Biggs’ announcement starts out by asking readers – and his colleagues – about the direction of the party.

“It is time. It is time for new leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives.

People are thrilled that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reign of Leftist extremism is ending. The question is whether we will be treated to the status quo that will move us along the same path, though perhaps more slowly.

Will we elect an establishment Republican as the speaker — think Paul Ryan, or in this case, Ryan’s right-hand man, Kevin McCarthy.

The Left wants to see a McCarthy Speakership, as outgoing Majority Whip Clyburn said. Establishment Republicans want to see a continuation of the Swamp, as Paul Ryan has endorsed McCarthy for speaker. And, even phony conservative types, claim that McCarthy is the only guy for them (see radio talker Mark Levin for example, who after blasting McCarthy for years has decided that he is perfect for the job).

And people wonder why the establishment is the establishment.”

Selection from Biggs’ op-ed in the Daily Caller

Rep. Biggs, considered one of the House’s most conservative and Trump-aligned Republicans, again lambasted McCarthy in the letter, slamming the minority leader’s willingness to help Biden and the Democrats legislate in the lame-duck Democratic Congress.

Referring to spending legislation soon to be voted on by the Democrat-controlled House – voted out of power in November – before the new Congress is sworn in, Biggs’ hit McCarthy, saying, “The biggest leverage the Republicans will have with President Joe Biden in the White House will be the budget. But McCarthy is about to give that away.”

The package mentioned is an omnibus funding bill that will allow Democrats to set the government’s budget until deep into 2023, despite losing the chamber in the 2022 elections.

“The lack of leadership by the Republican nominee for Speaker is evident in multiple ways. One is unfolding as I write this.

A spending package is being considered that will bloat our national debt and extend until next October. The biggest leverage the Republicans will have with President Joe Biden in the White House will be the budget. But McCarthy is about to give that away.

And, oddly because Congress grinds to a halt in the last year of a presidential cycle, by giving away our strongest leverage tool of the budget, either through an omnibus spending bill or a yearlong stopgap spender (Continuing Resolution), Leader McCarthy is about to eviscerate our leverage for the balance of the Biden presidency.”

Selection from Biggs’ op-ed in the Daily Caller

Closing the piece, Rep. Biggs asked readers if he isn’t mistaken about the current moment’s importance for the party and its future:

“Is this not the pivotal point of our generation? What will two more years under the Biden Regime look like if we do not have a leader who will stand up to its objectives? Or, If Republicans don’t use every available tool to preserve our rights and defeat the assault by Biden?”

“Those who support such a change ought to join in our campaign by letting their elected representatives in Congress know that it’s time for a renewed America, not a time for protecting of the status quo.”

What are your thoughts? Do you support Rep. Andy Biggs’ challenge to Kevin McCarthy? Let us know in the comments below.

13 Responses

  1. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity! We need NEW people in Republican leadership.
    For far too long we have had RINOs leading the republican party.

  2. I support Biggs for Speaker because I believe that we need a change of the guard in the House. It seems like the minority leader has caved on a lot of conservative issues. It is time to stop giving in to the whims of Joe Biden. Biggs is just the person to fill the role.

  3. Biggs is a real conservative and we need to control the budget with a Very Tight Fist. I don’t see McCarthy doing that.

  4. I am mot a politician, but I am a resident in Andy Biggs congressional district. I do support this new bid for him to become Speaker of the House.

  5. McCarthy is more democrat then republician We need new blood. If our forefathers could see the mess we now have, it would make them sick. How many members of the house and senate have been in office most of their life? We have also lost a lot of our freedom. We also have our hands in nearly every country in the world. Billions and billions and billions down the drain. Look at China building ov er 6000 miles of new roads per year. A lot of that is my cash. Trump dropped he budget while in office and remov ed over one million people who did n ot belong here. This use to be a GREAT nation but not anymore. Happy I am 88 and will not have to weatch as America goes to hell.

  6. McCarty is a RINO and if any association with that dirt bag Paul Ryan he is not the man to be speaker, my choice would
    be Jim Jordan for the job or now in this case Andy Biggs.

    1. I think YES also. McCarthy has not shown the staunch support for the GOP, and definitely not for President Trump that I expect from the GOP leader in the House.

      1. Kevin McCarthy has been a disappointment after he started talking out of both sides of his mouth about President Trump. We have enough RINO’s running around in the swamp!

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