Elise Stefanik Alleges USPS Stole Campaign Mail, Donations


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Lawyers for House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik have made allegations against United States Post Office workers and its contractors alleging that they stole Representatives Stefanik’s mail on numerous occasions along with financial contributions totaling an estimated $20,000 during this past year’s election cycle.

In a letter to the USPS Postmaster, Stefanik’s lawyer Louis Dejoy said, “On four separate occasions, between June 2022 and November 2022, packages sent by Elise for Congress, containing campaign contributions, were ripped open, and the content stolen, while in the custody of the of the USPS or it’s contractors.”

The lawyers also allege that the campaign’s mail was ripped open in the possession of the USPS and its contractors, and Stefanik’s campaign was able to show photographic evidence to the New York Post of ripped-open envelopes.

“It is unacceptable that the USPS has repeatedly allowed these targeted thefts to occur, and cannot identify who committed the thefts, let alone where or how the thefts occurred,” the letter continued.”

The photographic evidence sent to the Post shows an envelope containing donations for Stefanik’s re-election campaign torn open:

Lawyers for Elise Stefanik also said that the Postmaster General and officials from the Post office have not called them back on numerous occasions, saying officials claim to be “investigating.”

“It will be hard to track down the postal workers who allegedly stole the mail unless and until one of Stefanik’s donors becomes the victim of identity or financial theft,” the lawyers have been told.

“We hope that you and the USPS are taking these systemic issues as seriously as they deserve to to be taken. Our clients look forward to receiving the information from USPS specified above, and continuing to work with both you and the relevant investigative authorities to ensure the scourge of mail theft is adequately addressed,” the letter concluded.

Stefanik represents New York’s 21st District in upstate New York and recently won re-election against Democrat challenger Matt Castelli.

4 Responses

  1. Nothing will be done. Just like the FBI and DOJ will not investigate widespread voter
    fraud. Judges, both Democrat and Republican appointees will quash any case without
    investigation because if they were to find widespread voter fraud people would lose
    trust in the whole system and THAT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. So things will keep
    going the way they are going until the Democrats control the Government as one
    party rule.

  2. I KNOW NOTHING will be the answer to this one.. As above SWAMP RATS AGAIN would this happen to the crime family !!!!!

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