CASE STUDY: The Navajo Nation has been in full lockdown since March, but the reservation has 4% higher COVID rates than the US average.


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Over the past week California, Illinois, New York, and Colorado have revealed new Coronavirus lockdown restrictions. It seems that Democratic politicians slowly want the nation to go into another lockdown.

Will this lockdown work? Based on previous lockdown results, the answer is no. The best example of a long, destructive, and failed COVID mitigation lockdown is the Navajo Nation’s.

Unlike most states, the Navajo Indian Reservation has been in lockdown for almost every day since March. Yet, in a nation of over 170,000 people, there have been 13,373 recorded cases. That means 7.86% of the Navajo community has contracted Coronavirus, which is over 4% higher than the United States average.

Ironically, the Navajo rise in cases can be attributed to the lockdowns themselves. When families are in close proximity to one another the virus can spread effortlessly inside. The Navajo are a rural community, so if they were to go outside, and keep their distance, Corona cannot spread as easily.

It is odd that the Navajo Nation has been in lockdown for months, but they still have one of the highest COVID percentages in the nation. This stat completely contradicts everything Coronavirus “experts” preach to you on a daily basis. Power-hungry Governors such as Gavin Newson and Andrew Cuomo should take note.

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