Chaos: How to Condition A Citizenry


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Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.” Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda (1928).

Hello Everyone, Happy Thursday!

I will be transitioning to pumping out more concise columns throughout the work week, and having one long thought piece, such as the prior columns, once a week, aimed for Sunday nights. 

Finals for school have arrived so such transition may take time. As always, thank you all for your support, sharing, and spreading our work here at the Rogue Review. The growth we have experienced over this past year has been exceptionally tremendous. 2021 is lining up to be one hell of a year; so, it truly does mean a lot to us here. 

That being said, I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with their friends and families—and that no one let tyrannical and authoritarian hypocritical government officials stop you. 

Our topic of discussion for today is a thought experiment I thought of last night. The events laid out are based upon true events—most of the individuals, places, inter alia, have been omitted for purposes of the experiment. The underlying theories and hypotheses being portrayed within the experiment’s contextual themes presented are, well, theoretical and hypothetical. 

But so was gravity, at one point. 

There are many books, such as the one quoted at the top, which are strictly sufficient lessons regarding the subject matter of how governments can control and manipulate the populations of nations. Many of these modes and methods require chess, not checkers. There are other studies, such as The Report From Iron Mountain (1967), to which a certain government engaged and funded the research on the topic—involving that nation’s most brilliant intellectuals from a plethora of ideological backgrounds. 

If you read these books and reports, some of the startling subject matter pursued and researched, and the arguments and recommendations laid out thereof—sound suspiciously familiar and foundational to some policies which have been enacted over the decades since in a prosperous and powerful nation. One nation the reader might be familiar with. 

Color me curious. 

There are some such people in certain circles that say give them an average man, and through the media and other modes and methods, will mold him into a Shakespeare-esque Savior; and subsequently get him into prominent positions of power. 

The problem for those outside said certain circles, throughout history, when finding themselves in these situations—the savior in Shakespeare plays is an actor being told what to do—as is the case for such average men in prominent positions of power.

 Citizens elect people to lead; not have leaders be told what to do. Nor do citizens, or at least citizens should not want to, elect people who want to “lead from behind.” 

That is what a Tyrant does.

A great leader is on the frontlines, in the trenches, with his people.

Imagine it is 2015. A wild man no one thought would become elected—for whatever their various reasons—announced his candidacy for the President of this country. Long story short, this long shot candidate won a “shocking” and “unexpected” victory over someone who’s odds of winning, according to “many,” were 97%. 

To their great shock, especially said losing candidate, this broke their perception on reality. They could not believe they existed in a world where this evil man and his deplorable supporters won. This caused them to operate in a state of cognitive dissonance. To them, it was a big no, no to look in the mirror for potential causes of their loss. Some causes possibly being designating half of the country as terrible individuals and Nazi-Sympathizers, or never visiting crucial battle ground areas, inter alia. 

Said candidate and Political Elite Establishment decided to concoct a false narrative of foreign interference in our elections on the level which we “had never experienced.” The Political Elite Establishment’s puppet masters used their mouthpieces, such as a congressman from a place described, oddly, as the “Golden State” to parade and promote it. Other former executive level officials in our intelligence and national security agencies proliferated the false narrative endlessly. Because of their former titles, it caused the citizens chaos. 

Said individuals went all over the media—to which that media was more than complicit, in fact, potentially being advisory and an accessory to the false narrative. This drove the minds of the American public to displays of national disarray. This party won legislative control in the midterms. With this power, they did nothing; except continually condone and perpetually persue their self-induced false narrative of election fraud and foreign interference. 

They wasted two years, an asinine amount of taxpayer money, used a highly partisan special counsel team, multiple impeachment proceedings, hundreds of hours of testimony, and hundreds of thousands of pages of information. 

All of which ended to no avail in their attempt to “prove” the false narrative the Political Elite Establishment not only created, but promulgated relentlessly. The narrative was so false, skeptical, and sketchy from the beginning—the house of cards that it was—was toppled and trumped by the slightest amount of truth.

This Political Elite Establishment knew it was false from its genesis. That it had zero hope of prevailing. They never intended to prove their allegations. Validation was never the goal. 

Conditioning the public was the Holy Grail. Controlling the minds of people was the object. Because Containing the public’s perception was crucial, necessary, and powerful to their end game.

Dictators have said, the more that you repeat a lie and the louder it is paraded—the more truth it becomes. Truth, real objective truth, and the facts that they properly convey, are stubborn things. Like poetry, most people hate the truth—especially when it does not conform to their perception on reality. 

There is a law in psychophysics called Weber-Fechner’s Law. In short, it is the minimum amount by which stimulus intensity must be changed in order to produce a noticeable variation in sensory experience. Applied, this is the reason people trying to lose weight do not notice the changes until a drastic change has been made—and why friends and family notice them before.

The more our senses are tuned into something, such as our vision in a mirror, the larger the change—or stimulus intensity—must be for the exposure to the stimulus for the observer to notice the change. 

The more the boy cries wolf, the less his cries and calls, or anyone else’s, seem legitimate. The larger amount the group of people who falsely cry, complain, and call for election fraud, and the longer amount of time that they do it—the less anyone else’s legitimate complaints seem legitimate and the amount necessary to break the public’s prior perception is exponentially enlarged. 

It helps tremendously in the objective of being able to control the prior public perception when the vast media conglomerates who control the Everest-sized majority of mediums are on the Political Elite Establishment’s side. When such journalists who fancy themselves the “protectors” of “democracy” will not report on vital hearings and factual analysis. Or engage in worse egregious conduct with explicit detrimental effects. 

Ironically, the country such journalists claim to be sentinels for, such as Michael the Archangel is to the Holy Trinity, is not a democracy; it is a Constitutional Federal Republic. 

“It is a beautiful thing; the destruction of words.” 

Human senses cannot receive a drastic change in stimulus intensity when there is nothing stimulating it. But, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Though, most importantly, one black swan disproves the theory all swans are white.

This Political Elite Establishment engaged in such strict adherence to crying wolf to a narrative in which they knew was false because it was the first phase in their political plans. The second phase was taking an average man and getting him elected to a prominent position of power. Not just any average man, but one who was widely compromised. 

A compromised person is one who can easily be controlled. Shame, guilt, and emotional destruction are powerful things. Fear is the most persuasive and powerful psychological motivator. 

There is nothing new under the sun. In this country, there is a vast plethora regarding a wide spectrum throughout its history where this Political Elite Establishment had engaged in prior acts of conduct that disenfranchised millions of people because this Political Elite Establishment thought of them as deplorable. In its history, it engaged in conduct which kept certain people deemed deplorable shackled, chained, and caged—for its purposes and power.  

They took away, happily and ecstatically, the inherent and inalienable freedoms of mankind from the deplorables—for their profiteering and power-hungry ways. 

Such phenomena and principles, to them, were regarded so highly—its Political Elite Establishment even took up arms and caused war against their former-fellow citizens. They used deceit and deception by starting war during the depths of the night—like a thief. 

These Former-Fellow citizens’ crime was wanting to embrace and expand the propositions and self-evident God-given principles that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inherent and inalienable rights. Among these rights, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

When these fellow citizens won those God-given principles for their other fellow man—at this country’s great human cost, unparalleled in its history—this Political Elite Establishment continued for decades to alienate those they deemed deplorable. Detrimentally depriving those deemed deplorables’ ability to embrace and enhance their rights to life, liberty, and property—without the due process of law. 

In fact, the rule of law was used explicitly to express the statutorily codified—government embraced—methods and modes, harshly enforced, to deprive “deplorables” of what God has graced all mankind with—inherent and inalienable individual freedoms. 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Individual freedoms and liberties are obstacles to absolute power. When the ends justify the means, there is no room for individuals, freedoms, or liberties. 

What would cause this self-interested Political Elite Establishment to not use another false narrative and “unprecedented crisis” to engage in egregious ill-motivated conduct so they can embrace their ideological constructs? 

History shows that when their ends justify their means, the methods and modes to which they proliferate, promote, and pursue are ones where individuals, freedoms, and liberties are of no concern. The mission must be manifested at all costs. 

What would it take for any other certain Elite Political Party Establishment, with similar sounding history, conduct, and ideologies, who have engaged in identical ideological actions in its pursuit of absolute power, by desecrating and destroying individual freedoms and liberties through the mode of manipulating the masses into the deprivation of inherent and inalienable God-given rights—to stray from their historically established path? 

Would such Elite Political Party Establishment ever stray away from its hundreds of years of history, when history shows they only embrace more enhanced engagements as the stakes only became higher?

It seems that those who engage in conduct identical to others’ conduct would result in the pursuit of identical methods, which would lead to identical results. Their ends justify their means. Their thirst for power is never satisfied. Their pursuit of supremacy comes before all else. 

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