Study Suggests Masks Cause Facial Deformities in Children


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Thursday, a study resurfaced from the peer-reviewed journal General Dentistry stating that masks could cause facial deformities in young children.

According to the journal, “Children whose mouth breathing is untreated may develop… long narrow faces, narrow mouths, high palatal vaults, misalignment between teeth with the two dental arches, gummy smiles, and many other unattractive facial features.”

The cause of these deformities can be traced to children not knowing how to properly breathe in masks. Instead of breathing in a normal manner, children often try to breathe directly through the mask, which causes “negative effects on facial and dental development.”

Unfortunately schools have turned a blind eye, and have worried about whether kids are wearing masks, instead of worrying if these masks could have long term physical and emotional effects.

General Dentistry’s study does not measure the increased anxiety children with masks have, nor does it test the facial effects masks could have on people’s ears. Nonetheless, medical journalist John C. Manley believes that if masks are worn long enough, it could eventually lead to permanently tilted ears.

Both studies are currently ongoing in the scientific community, yet they are rarely mentioned when debating masks.

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