Cheney’s Last Straw: Calling on Democrats to Vote in GOP Primary


Embattled Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) faces off against conservative challenger Harriet Hageman today in Wyoming’s primary election, and things are not looking good for Cheney.

According to polling aggregate FiveThirtyEight, Cheney is not expected to put up a fight in the primary:

Now without any serious opposition in the pro-Trump lane, Hageman has zoomed into the lead, according to surveys.

The most recent independent poll, conducted for the Casper Star-Tribune by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, put Hageman at 52 percent and Cheney at 30 percent. While polls of House races are subject to a fair bit of error, and polls of primaries even more so, it would require a monumental polling error for Cheney to pull this one out. Even Cheney herself appears to realize it: She recently released a defiant TV ad featuring her father excoriating Trump — pretty much the opposite of an effective message in this heavily pro-Trump state.

However, like her father Dick always did, Liz is pulling out all the stops in hopes of keeping her grip on power in Washington. How?

Cheney is now asking Democrats to switch registration at the last second and vote for her over Harriet Hageman, according to Fox News:

While only members of a given party are allowed to vote in that party’s primary in Wyoming, the state does allow for same-day voter registration. This means that people can switch parties the same day they vote, so those who had been Democrats can become Republicans just to vote for Cheney in the primary, where her main challenger is Harriet Hageman.

“When Liz Cheney’s only hope is to appeal to Democrats to raid a Republican primary, you know she has gone all the way over to Nancy Pelosi’s side,” Hageman’s campaign manager Carly Miller told Wyoming Public Media. “Wyoming is fed up with Cheney, and it’s too late for any election shenanigans to save her.”

Clearly, Cheney is desperate, and the polls speak for themselves, but ultimately, the voters will decide. Would you vote for Cheney if you lived in Wyoming? Let us know:

Who would YOU support in Wyoming's GOP primary?

Who would YOU support in Wyoming's GOP primary?

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5 Responses

  1. It is with total desperation that Liz Cheney has revealed who and what she really is, a shrilling example of a corrupt elite politician. She blames President Trump for unveiling her masquerade, thus her unhinged tirade to stop him from winning back the White House! She joined the Nancy Pelosi Jan 6 plot for pure vengeance and nothing more. She’s someone who should have never held political office. Among many who believe they are above the law. Wyoming, do what’s right!

  2. Liz finally gets a clear message that she is a piece of crap just like her Dad thanks Wyoming for a job well done

  3. LIZ is nothing more than a Dem puppet and a piece of &^%$(* and a lier- GO HARRIET GO GIRL.

  4. We the Patriot American People are praying Harriet, that you will WIN BIG TODAY.


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