Liz Cheney LOSES House Primary Battle; Trump Responds


liz cheney loses primary and trump responds
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Representative Liz Cheney was defeated in the 2022 Wyoming GOP primary for the state’s single House seat on Tuesday night. She lost to challenger Harriet Hageman, a Trump-endorsed candidate native to Wyoming.

Voters delivered a decisive blow to the Republican chiefly responsible for attacking Trump on the January 6th committee. She was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump in early 2021.

Cheney lost by a whopping 37 points, an even greater defeat than expected.

The election was called by experts within five minutes of the initial voting data becoming available. Decision Desk HQ called the election for challenger Hageman at 9:27pm. 

Former President Donald J. Trump responded to the election news on Truth Social.

trump statement on liz cheney primary loss

“Bye Liz” was trending on Twitter, just minutes after the news hit the platform. 

bye liz on twitter trending section

Users reacted to the news of the anti-Trump Republican being outsted from her position. 

Anti-establishment, left-wing politician Tulsi Gabbard weighed in as well. 

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