China Threatens to SHOOT DOWN Pelosi’s Flight to Taiwan


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In a harshly-worded Tweet, Hu Xijin, former party secretary and editor-in-chief of Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party propaganda paper, said that Nancy Pelosi’s plane will be shot down when she enters Taiwan.

Pelosi’s potential trip to Taiwan – considered a “midterm Hail Mary” for the Democrats by many – is not yet set in stone. However, the ancient House Speaker embarked on her state tour of Asia today.

In response to CNN’s announcement of the Speaker’s departure, Xijin threatened Pelosi’s possible trip to Taiwan with a stern warning:

“If US fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it is invasion. The PLA has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the US fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction. If ineffective, then shoot them down.”

Posted to Twitter on Friday, Xijin’s tweet is just another bombastic message in a long career as the chief digital media mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party.

And while Xijin, now retired, no longer speaks for the CCP officially, the operative is still considered one of China’s most in-the-loop members of the media.

Here is the tweet posted by Xijin:

Obviously, China is highly unlikely to shoot down Nancy Pelosi’s flight to Taiwan, if her controversial trip even comes to fruition.

But such a stern warning from a well-connected member of the Communist Party should not be taken lightly, and Americans should ask themselves whether this threat would have been uttered under stronger leaders.

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    1. That’s the only way you leftist creeps would be able to rid yourselves of him. TRUMP 2024/SAVE AMERICA.

    1. I guess that Xi doesn’t know that Pelosi is a fellow communist, or at least one of their “useful idiots” Oh well!!!

  1. It’s good to see Oelidi is willing to give her life to be forever known as an idiot. You go girl….

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