WATCH: AOC Says Drag Queens Are “Patriots” in Bizarre Clip


aoc calls drag queens patriots
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A stunning video of AOC calling a group of drag queens and transgenders “patriots” has been released by Apex World News

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sat in a circle around scantily-clad drag queens and lauded them for their “patriotism”. 

“The people who change what people think are artists and drag queens, and let’s not forget who threw that first brick at Stonewall.” 

“Stonewall” references an event in 1969, where New York City police raided a gay bar called Stonewall. In LGBTQ advocacy circles, they believe one of two “trans women of color” threw a brick at police. This action led to riots in the streets. 

The group of drag queens cheered at this statement. 

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AOC continued, “that is what led to us passing the Equality Act in the house in this term and Marriage Equality, it starts with you…I mean… you’re patriots.” 

“I’m so proud to live in this country with you…”

Citizen Free Press picked up the video and placed it on Twitter. Users responded to AOC’s word of choice: 

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AOC has been making headlines all month. Most recently, she faked her own arrest during a Supreme Court Demonstration. Earlier, she melted down on Twitter after being heckled by comedian Alex Stein. AOC also was reported to have unpaid back taxes from her now-defunct children’s book publishing company. 

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  1. The liberal democrat party will due anything to groom our children into their version of morality and sexual lifestyles. AOC is taking a leadership role in the recruiting of minors for transgender sexual reassignment, gay conversion, and acolytes for drag queens. This has to be reigned in before parents have no choice but to take action on their own to this shut this obvious indoctrination of an entire generation.

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