CLIP: Teacher Boasts About Convincing 3-Year-Old to Question Gender


teacher convincing three year old to question gender
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Yesterday, we reported on the unstable teacher placed on leave for saying students were “queer” because of her. That woman was talking about students in fourth and fifth grade:

However, ANOTHER clip has surfaced recently of a similar brag from an “educator” in America. Popular conservative social media account Libs of TikTok posted a clip of a preschool teacher boasting that she had caused a student to question his or her gender. That child is three years old, according to Libs of TikTok. “The preschool teacher brags about reading a book on gender identity (which includes a page that says doctors guess a baby’s gender) to [a] 3-year-old student who then questions his gender,” the account Tweeted.

In the video attached, the teacher says she read a book that tells children doctors “guess” a baby’s gender at birth. Then, the clip shows her re-enacting a child’s reaction to the book before bragging that the kid referenced is now questioning his or her gender.


We reported last month on ANOTHER teacher who told toddlers the same damaging lies about gender, confusing children and feeding them far-left-wing ideals.

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