Trans Teacher to Toddlers: ‘Doctors Incorrectly Guess Gender at Birth’


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During a zoom class with kindergartners in Roslindale, Massachusetts, a transgender teacher fed students radical, confusing lies about their biology.

In a video shared to Twitter by popular social media account Libs of TikTok, the so-called “teacher” told toddlers that doctors are “sometimes wrong” and “make an incorrect guess” when observing a child’s gender at birth.

Of course, this is utterly false and based on nothing but left-wing pseudoscience. Unfortunately, the woke hold on America is so strong that teachers are now encouraged to feed harmful lies to kids.

The shocking video comes out as Americans fiercely debate Florida’s controversial parents’ rights bill, which is incorrectly dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” by Democrats and Hollywood lunatics.

Here’s the video, which shows exactly why Florida’s legislation is necessary in America, where education has turned into left-wing indoctrination.

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  1. What a fool. I bet he thinks God makes every baby the same sex and then changes them when the get older. This person should not be teaching any one anything because he dose not know anything. I would bet her doctor was wrong when they called him a boy. Spend a week in a delivery room and look at every child born then YOU tell me what sex they are. Easy a male has a penis and a female dose not. Just the way God made them. I will pray for you, you need help.

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