Clueless Bill De Blasio Says NYC is SAFER After Jails Emptied


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New York City mayor Bill Deblasio recently said at a press conference that the City is “safer” following the recently emptying of the city jail system including Rikers island, even though New York has seen a very very violent summer. The violent summer includes a record number of shootings on fourth of July weekend.

“We now have fewer people in our jails than any time since world war two,” the mayor recently said at a press conference in New York City.  “And we are safer for it, and better for it,” DeBlasio continued. 

Critics of the mayor immediately pounced on him. Fox News host, Sean Hannity called Deblasio “delusional,”  while the former New York City police commissioner, Bernard Kirk said, “he is either completely delusional or believes New Yorkers are idiots.” 

The city government of New York has waged a war on the NYPD this year, forcing it to disband the effective “anti-crimes,” unit inside the NYPD, which goes after guns around the city. Shootings around the city rose 130 percent in June, while murders rose 23 percent, and shootings are up 166 percent since last June. 

Other actions the city has taken included recently, include cutting $1 billion from the NYPD’s annual budget, along with making it illegal to use the knee to help in an arrest.

The city also saw 63 people shot over thee fourth of July period. On the Sunday of Fourth of July weekend alone, the city saw 30 people shot, with 10 killed.  

PBA President Thomas Mungeer said in a statement, “It opens them up to criminal and civil liabilities,” Mungeer said, referring to possible lawsuits against officers. “Furthermore, this legislation will prevent Troopers from safely and effectively arresting subjects.”

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