CNN’s Don Lemon Gets SCHOOLED on Reparations, Colonialism


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Recently-demoted CNN reporter Don Lemon invited royal commentator Hilary Fordwich to his show to discuss reparations and immediately regretted it.

Lemon, discussing the wealth generated during colonialism and slavery, asked Fordwich about those clamoring for reparations from British colonialism.

Her response – which laid out the root history of African slavery that is often shunned in modern circles – left him totally speechless.


As Fordwich notes, the slave trade in Africa gained prominence much due to the African tribes selling prisoners to European countries.

Great Britain – the first world power to abolish the scourge of slavery in 1807 – had to force some African tribes into ceasing the illegal trade of humans late into the 19th century.

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  1. You cut out a lot of her response in the video. She addressedf several historical points that Lemon and those like him choose to ignore or simply are so ignorant as to know nothing about them. But that has never stopped a progressive leftist from ranting about things they do not know about.

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