Biden Wanders Around On Stage… Where is He Going?


biden wanders on stage at the seventh global fund event
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President Biden wandered on stage, seemingly looking off into space and reaching for something in his pocket that wasn’t there at a recent event. 

On Wednesday, Biden was speaking at the Global Fund’s seventh annual “replenishment” conference in New York City. The scope of the event is a donor pledging session to fight AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis around the globe.

The president thanked all the attendees for participating in the conference. He reminded the donors of how many lives have been saved as a result of this annual fundraising event. Finally, the president committed $1 billion from the United States taxpayer for every $2 billion committed by the rest of the world. 

Full remarks are available at

Once the speech was complete, Biden left the podium and optics went off the rails. He seemed to almost tip-toe forward, stopping abruptly. His hands looked robotic as his torso rotated on an axis. As the follow-up speaker began speaking into the microphone, Biden again rotated with a confused look on his face. Biden reached for something in his jacket pocket, but nothing emerged. He did another 180-degree turn and walked toward the edge of the stage, before stopping and turning around again.

Many online felt pity for President Biden, worrying about his underlying health. 

President Biden has had his share of gaffes, mistakes and suspected health issues over the course of his candidacy and presidency. 

Rogue Review has covered Biden’s public speaking in detail over the past several years. Below is a list of headlines collected to showcase this ongoing phenomenon.

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