Cognitive Dissonance and the Democrats’ Disarray


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Cognitive dissonance…refers to a situation in which a person is presented with facts that contradict that person’s self-image, causing said person to say things that sound 100% reasonable to the speaker while sounding like nonsense to others…When I say nonsense, I do not mean a normal difference of opinion based on different values or different information. I mean serious head-scratching WTF stuff.” Scott Adams, Creator of Dilbert

Hello Everyone, Happy Friday. 

The trouble with having a column that publishes on the last day of the news week is that when big things happen early on, I am late to the game.

The great thing about having a column that publishes on the last day of the news week is that I do not feel obligated to have to go over all minute details of said event. I assume we’re all pretty caught up. Cost-benefit analysis, I suppose. 

This week, shockingly, Jobless Joe Biden and his handlers announced that they have picked Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat from my beautifully run state of Commiefornia. I truly did find this shocking. She has called the man a racist. So much for supporting someone who will promote, not racism?

Not only has Kamala called Biden a racist, but that his racist support of a racist policy had a *direct* racist effect on her—on national television. She has essentially called him a segregationist-enabler and KKK-Beer Buddy. Makes sense, I guess, Clinton, et al. were good friends of Senator Robert Byrd.

She also said that she believed all the women who were accusing him of sexual assault. Which, hey, true to her values of “believe all women,” she persisted. Does she still now, though? I mean, how much further of a non-Biden-supporting Vice President have the Democrats picked for their ticket? At least it’s not Faux-Governor Stacey Abrams. (Has anyone informed her of that yet?)

After thinking more about it, I have become less shocked by this pick. Thankfully, had all week. Senator Harris’s policy beliefs are about as malleable as Play-Doh, which is exactly what the “powers that be” want in someone who, very well may, become president in the case of a Joe Biden victory and subsequent, passing. My money is still on President Trump winning election in a landslide, though that does not mean it is locked in. We still have more work to do. 

Our topic of discussion for today is a brief overview of how the Biden Camp and Democrat Establishment’s platform, policy, and strategies seem to operate in a state of cognitive dissonance. Which… seems to make sense, happens with cognitive decline. 

Because of this, it should seem, the Democrat Establishment, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, should not be given the reins of power. To operate in cognitive dissonance means to believe narrative over fact and not allow new evidence to change operations. Or to even pay attention to the evidence. When it comes to running a country, the greatest and most powerful in the world, the consequences are not trivial when incorrect decisions are made, or the wrong evidence believed. 

President Trump and his Administration, by the way, just solidified a historic Middle East Peace Deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. They did this by doing the opposite of what the Obama Administration did. There’s the Obama/Biden Administration and there is the Trump Administration. One of these Administrations successfully negotiated a peace deal being chased by every president in recent memory. 

The other is the Obama Administration. Which, a Biden Administration would be much the same, or worse. 

For starters, regarding more cognitive dissonance, if the Democrat Party Establishment, and the Squad, are all about women empowerment, why would they support a Vice Presidential candidate that believes the sexual assault victims of who they are picking for President? It seems to fly in the face of the #MeToo Movement. Sure, people can recant their statements, have not heard anything on that front yet, though. 

It seems odd to have on the one hand someone who believes the democratic presidential candidate’s sexual assault victims’ accusations and then on the very same hand have that person be the vice president to that person. That seems odd to me. Seems quite, “WTF.”

Next, Joe Biden’s economic platform claims that it is for the working family and will create jobs, increase wages, and other false claims. Any economic plan that says it will both raise taxes and increase economic output is already relying on false premises and are done ceteris paribus, or all things constant. Which is the chess piece fallacy, i.e. that social planners think they can arrange humans like pawns in a game. 

This type of thinking fails since humans have free will and are able to use it in a free society, such as the United States. It is a fallacy because it assumes humans will not react to the new incentives and constraints imposed upon them from government. If the government raises tax rates, it lowers federal tax revenue, lowers consumption and investment, and increases savings. That is, people expect to pay more in taxes, so they spend less and increase savings. Investors think the same. One person’s spending is another person’s income. How does that create jobs?

Government jobs, maybe. But every dollar spent in the public sector is a dollar which isn’t spent in the private sector—where actual progress is made economically. And dollars spent by the government in fiscal stimulus, typically have negative spending and growth multipliers, i.e. $1 spent by the government grows GDP by $.75. The more debt we pile on too, the more negative it gets. And higher tax rates typically lead to lower government revenues, so how would more government jobs be created? Debt, it seems. Those Federal Reserve printers must be getting close to being overheated at this point. 

The list goes on, if I were to document here in this column all of the modes in which it seems they are operating in cognitive dissonance, it would become research-project length. I encourage others to search, however. That being said, I will leave off with the most important area: Communist China.

President Trump is correct that China does not want to be our ally, they want to be our equal, or more. That isn’t a good thing when the Communist Party of China is run by a ruthless dictator who is currently interning, using body parts for profit, and executing millions of Muslims in China. And that, also, the Communist Party of China is one of the largest facilitators of illicit narcotics and the global Modern Day Slavery, Human Trafficking. That those commies also execute dissidents and are the worst violator of human rights. Great people over there and that Xi Jinping, Winnie the Pooh looking guy.

On top of all of this, Communist China would love nothing more than for the United States of America to become the United Socialist States of America. They are already creating a 21st Century Iron Curtain through the massive indebtedness of Third World countries. And first world countries. They enrich the dictators and steal all the resources. Leaving all the people of those countries in poverty and fighting for their lives, usually with tribal war fare going on. Since those governments aren’t even effective enough to put down large insurrections. 

China, for decades, has been stealing our intellectual property and using it to catch up technologically. With smiles on their faces and trillions of dollars to spend, they have been slowly planning to expand their sphere of influence to challenge the United States. Which, if we are to be less myopic and pay attention to what is happening in India and the South China Sea, and what our own military is doing, the threat of the Communist Party of China becomes more apparent.

Not everyone loves freedom. Not every country is the United States. Not every government is for the people. We are the lucky ones. 

Yet, with all of this from Communist China, Joe Biden and the Democrats treat them as a friend, not a rival to be taken seriously. Biden and his campaign already sound enough like communists, being in bed with them might be the final nail in the coffin. 

By the way, go TYPE in your browser, “”. Funny, right? Or did they take that down already?

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