Michigan Voters Experience Difficulties with Mail-In Ballots


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As Democrats and left-wing politicians push for mail-in ballots and voting by mail, several states have experimented, and one battleground state in particular, Michigan, had severe problems as Democrats tried their presidential primary by allowing Michiganders to vote through mail some using absentee ballots.

I’m angry, I’m disappointed,” said Detroit resident, Michele Small, who had to go out and vote because she never got her ballot in the mail.   “But I still had to come out and vote,” Smalls continued. Michigan is one of four key traditional battleground states that are key to winning the presidential election, which includes, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. 

Michiganders requested a record, 2 million requests for mail-in ballots, and by primary election day 1.5 million ballots had been sent in. Melanie McElroy, an Election Project Manager for Michigan Votes, a non-partisan voter advocacy group, said, “a lot of people,” never received their request for mail-in ballots.

There already have been several states who have committed to mail-in ballot voting for the November 2020 Presidential election, drawing the ire of President Trump. California and Nevada are two states who have already expanded mail-in voting for November voting.  California expanded access to mail-in ballots in June and Nevada expanding their citizens’ access to ballots to all of those who are registered to vote. 

The expansion of mail-in ballot comes as Democratic politicians have used the coronavirus pandemic as the excuse to expand mail-in ballots. “No one should risk their health and possibly their life, to exercise their constitutional right to vote,” California Democrat Assemblyman Marc Berman said following the passage of AB 860. Gavin Newsom signed the bill in late June. 

“This bill will help prevent Nevadans from experiencing long lines at polling locations they faced during the primary election,” Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak said following the signing of the bill. California and Nevada are two of eight states plus the District of Columbia who have expanded mail-in voting. 

Another Michigan resident, Dom Holmes said neither him nor his dad received their ballot requests in the mail:

“I genuinely don’t know why I didn’t get my ballot. This is the problem with our country right now. We don’t know what’s true. We have to work so hard for the truth that people just turn off.”

Thirty-four states and the District of Columbia allow any voters to vote by mail. 

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