Conservative Woman FIRED for Supporting Trump


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Publication note: PopOff Marketing is NOT the same as Pop Off Agency, the company that cut ties with Danielle Reiss.

After posting a photo of herself holding a Make America Great Again sign on Instagram, conservative Danielle Reiss had her partnership with a talent agency canceled.

Reiss tells me that Pop Off is an advertising agency that focuses on developing independent artists’ careers. They ‘work to create a sense of unity among brands in today’s music industry.’

Within the notice Danielle received from the company, President and CFO Ben Silvers ironically wrote that Pop Off Agency “is incredibly diverse” and “stands for equality, inclusion, and kindness in everything we do.”

Sadly, Danielle is just the latest example of a conservative voice being stifled, or punished, in the workplace.

Pop Off has declined to comment.

Read Danielle Reiss’ statement on the situation below:

“As an American citizen, the First Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of expression. Diversity and equality aren’t limited to what side of the political spectrum you’re on. It’s contradictory that the Pop Off Agency claims to focus on inclusivity and equality yet because my views are outside of their own, I’m terminated for holding them. As a company, if their ideas of diversity and inclusion only allow for those with the same ideologies as themselves, it’s hardly diverse but rather very exclusive and entirely motivated by discrimination. Being a public relations professional, I believe it is the right of all my clients to hold whatever political views they see fit for their personal lives, as long as it’s not done to incite hate speech or racism. If Pop Off Agency stands for being incredibly diverse, standing for equality, inclusion, and kindness in everything they do, their executives would incorporate a culture that reflects their core beliefs.”

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