CRIME ALERT: Ski-Masked Chicago Thug Carjacks Innocent Man at Rifle-Point on Interstate


chicago thug carjacking man on interstate
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A Chicago-area driver was carjacked by a rifle-wielding thug in broad daylight in a recently captured video.

Video of the incident was filmed by another driver across the median, who narrated the event as it was happening.


In the footage, a black man wearing a black hoodie and black ski mask is seen walking through approaching traffic on an interstate highway during the middle of the day. An AR-style rifle could be seen slung from his shoulder. 

The man shooting the video can be heard saying, “look at that rifle…look at that clip.”

After several seconds, the video pans to the man standing in the middle of the interstate where he stopped a red SUV and was speaking with the driver. He appeared to be gesturing the man out of the vehicle. The driver of the red SUV nudged forward, but was stopped by the masked man.

As the situation progressed, the rifle-wielding man forced the driver out of the car and drove off in the SUV. 

The 60-second video was released by the 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner Twitter account, an account tracking Chicago crime since 2018.

A full video of the incident is available on YouTube. From the context, it appears the masked carjacker and two passengers were involved in a traffic accident a few minutes earlier and fled the scene.

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