DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Proclaims Christmas Eve as “Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day” in Announcement


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Wednesday, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser officially announced that Christmas Eve 2020 will be “Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day.”

Mayor Bowser made her announcement on Twitter, and according to her mayoral proclamation, “Dr. Fauci has worked to promote public health and spearheaded efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat established diseases.”

Mayor Bowser goes on to say that Fauci, “is a die-hard Washington Nationals fan.” and that he “will continue his critical service to the nation… in the incoming Biden administration.” Both are crucial feats for justifying replacing Christmas Eve with “Fauci Day.”

This announcement comes nine days after President Trump declared Christmas Eve a national holiday, a move that will allow workers to get extra compensation if they are forced to work on the holiday. That does matter to Mayor Bowser.

More left-wing echo chamber cities can be expected to follow in declaring Christmas Eve “Fauci Day.”

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