Washington & Lee Professor: ‘Black Votes Should Count Twice’


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Washington and Lee Law Professor and “The Nation” contributor Brandon Hasbrouck wrote an opinion piece Thursday arguing that “Votes for Black Americans should count twice.”

According to Hasbrouck, “Black votes in this country are worth less than white votes” and “vote reparations” are the only way to abolish “oppressive institutions.”

Professor Hasbrouck cites the Electoral College and the Senate as racist institutions that, according to him, need to be replaced. For instance, Hasbrouck argues that the Electoral College was formed to “protect the interests of slave states” and the Senate is another “oppressive institution” because it gives states with lower populations “too much power.”

Obviously, this is a ridiculous argument, as Professor Hasbrouck is simply replacing one injustice with another. In a country run by Brandon Hasbrouck, President Obama’s children, girls who have received every privilege one can imagine, would receive twice the voting power as a white single mother in Youngstown Ohio.

Moreover, African Americans only make up 13% of the United States, meaning the 13% would rule over the 87%. This is not even mentioning the other marginalized groups whose power would be diminished by such a radical proposal. Professor Hasbrouck’s article is an example of true racism, and frankly, every American should be appalled by it.

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