Communism is Truly Amazing, Isn’t It?


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No other ideology has killed more people than the political, economic, and philosophical system that is—Communism. Communism is, truly, fantastic. “Why, Mackenzie, is Communism fantastic…?” you might be wondering. 

Because after taking the title of World Record Holder from the Nazi’s for Most Efficient in Executing Innocent Citizens, by storm, and having never had any close competitors since, (Second Place: still the Nazi’s, the real Nazis), people, today, still think Communism is a good idea. Not sure how much brain cells are left, but I’m not here to judge, at least not too much. 

What’s that Albert Einstein quote again about insanity? Case in point. “Oh, but this isn’t ‘real socialism.’” It only is different in no other way at all. Except, maybe, semantics? 

As you may already tell, our topic of discussion for today is the 13th wonder of the world, sweet ol’ Communism. This column will be the first part in a series I am doing on Communism. Thank you for the support in reading, I hope that you enjoy the ride. Comments and criticisms are highly encouraged. Open Debate is fun. 

I am an avid fan of communism. Have spent most of my adult life studying and researching the wide spectrum of topics it encroaches upon like a parasite. It really is a wild array of discussions; it can be boiled down easily, though: 

How many times are people going to advocate and implement something which is akin to playing Russian Roulette, but instead of one bullet, all six chambers are filled. You’re also playing with only six people. 

Like…come on… read a book.

Basic Economics 4th Edition, by Dr. Thomas Sowell, a Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek disciple. And one of the greatest economists of the 20th and 21st century, is one of my recommendations. If you want to learn more from a $30 book than I ever did in the $10,000 I spent on my college economics classes—here it is. Takes a lot less time, too. You’ll also be possibly smarter then more than, 50% of Congress. Or at least you’ll notice when some of them are not being truthful about policy. They only like to talk about Phase One, never Phases Two, Three…Phase 100.

Communism really is amazing, if you sit back and think about it. No other ideology has such a record of blatant, consistent, and catastrophic failures, well documented throughout the 20th century (and, the 21st…), and can be readily analyzed with only a superficial look. Such as, say, a column. And yet, it is still advocated for with a little Horn-covered halo over its Yellow Sickle and Hammer. Talk about a successful PR strategy. 

Oh well. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. I will admit, however, Communism did produce one decent thing, the Soviet National Anthem. Say what you want, it’s not a bad piece of music. 

It has nothing on the Star-Spangled Banner. But that’s because we’re America. America’s number one. Well, we’re not in executing innocent people, we’re practically last in that. 

Huh. Seems as if there is something good about that Pesky Constitution of ours. Not too bad for an “old” and “outdated” document. 

Communism, Socialism; Potatoe, Potato; Soda, Pop.

Communism has caught on to some new trendy names recently and has received a couple makeovers, dependent on the audience its proponents are trying to sell. Call Communism whatever you want; it’s still Communism. A spade is a spade. I don’t care if you want to call it a club.

Communism, Socialism, “Democratic”-Socialism, Socialism with “Chinese Characteristics,” characteristics such as, communism. 

You know, “’Socialism’ with Chinese Characteristics” is a really funky way to spell Communism, seeing as the party in power over there is called—The Communist Party of China. They’re really trying to hide the ball on that one. I guess it’s a lot easier when you can sensor everything and anything that makes you look bad—I’m talking about you Winnie the Pooh. 

How about that First Amendment? 

Regardless, makeovers, of course, are in its proponents’ best interests since—I don’t know, maybe, all the Communist History of executing its citizens for…talking back. Sure, Communism makes a “classless” society; poverty for one, poverty for all. 

(Oh, and the other class, the Political Elite. Don’t ever forget about them; because they never forget about themselves.)

It is quite ironic, and at the very least, interesting, how communism’s propaganda machine sounds eerily similar to what Joe Biden’s campaign has been promoting. And, well, the entire Democratic Party Establishment. For almost two decades now, it seems. Or has it been three? I’m only twenty-five, so at least my whole life I’ve been hearing it. Same substance and system, multiple messages and messengers. AOC is the current poster child. Did you see the artwork for the Green New Deal? They, and I mean quite literally, did artwork exactly the same as Soviet and Chinese Propaganda. They’re not hiding the ball on this one. They put it on paper, for all to see, hoping they didn’t notice. And they don’t. 

 “We must expand and make more accessible the middle class, build and grow the working-class family!” “We must expand the Proletariat, the working class!” “The current system is systemically against you! The United States of America is an evil, racist, and terrible actor domestically and on the global stage!” Funny thing, Joe Biden, et al. and the Communists both say that last quote exactly the same. America is the greatest, freest, and most moral actor domestically and on the global state. It’s not perfect. But have you seen the other guys? Weird, too, the Obama Administration sounded a lot like the last quote for eight years. We all know how well that went. 

How coincidental, I suppose, Communists and Biden, et. al. sound vaguely similar. Must have the same media company doing the messaging and social media. Sound a lot like Bernie. AOC, too. All lack a fundamental understanding of economics… or do they? My money is on the latter, actually. They understand it quite well. And monetary theory. Well, maybe not AOC, the congresswoman. 

Good ‘Ol Communism

Back to Communism, not the communists. Communism strips the individual of their inherent and inalienable rights, such as the freedom to exercise religion—and speech, own guns, own private property, have privacy—real privacy—inter alia. It replaces the individual with the State, or the “public” good, whatever that means. Think: Group Think. 

It’s like if every time you fought and disagreed with your parents as a teenager, they just decided to ground you. Except Communists do executions. Over one hundred million of them. And counting. 

Communism is wildly misunderstood by some, and that’s not anyone’s fault, the propaganda machine behind it is quite powerful and global. Communism is not a goal. Communism is a system. It progresses forward in one of two ways. One, incrementally over time. Two, it happens with a revolution—and revolutions don’t happen overnight. (Source: The American Revolution). 

Clearly, ANTIFA was fed up with the former, and decided the latter. They’ve been having minirebellions for years, now they drove it national. They have been quite successful in it too. Nothing we Americans cannot overcome, however. As history tells, Terrorists aren’t successful against We the People. I firmly doubt that will ever change. 

Good thing, too, We have the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms; though some people do not understand, or willfully ignore, the part which states “shall not be infringed.” District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008); see also U.S. Const. Second Amendment. The people who wrote the Constitution of the United States were a lot smarter than people think, especially the people who find themselves in elected federal positions, for, their entire career. The Federalist Papers, U.S., 1787-88. Certainly, the Founders were smarter than the entire Democratic Establishment and Fake News Media—not much thinking, or smart thinking, occurs in those small corridors. Id. Chess isn’t a far-leftist skill, at least not very good skill. Id. 

Communism is misunderstood to be only a political and economic system of governance. These are both true. Communism is a political one-party centralized government which does not have real political branches of governments that have effective checks and balances on the centralized power of a few, or one. Communism is a centralized economic system which engages in a top-down ordering system of the allocation of scarce resources which have alternative uses and suppresses the free flow of price signals in its command economy.  Because a centralized command economy uses rationally interested bureaucrats to determine economic subjective value, price, quantity, supply, and therefore, demand. This leads to a plethora of inefficiencies and misallocations. 

Thus, Communism, Socialism, et. al., leads to an inefficient allocation of scarce resources. These resources have alternative uses, which an inefficient distribution of scarce resources leads to waste, stifles and suppresses innovation, lowers product quality and choice, and leads to a surplus of the things you don’t want, and a shortage of the things you need

The information required to replicate the over hundreds of billions of individual transactions that occur in a market economy, such as capitalism in the United States, every hour, takes a special type of arrogance to believe a small group of people can control it and direct it when 360 million people are the ones who actually direct it. Creating an economic framework which does not foster the price signal theory of economics and the subjective theory of value is, as shown by communist economies, impossible to replicate by human command and a fool’s errand to try. 

So why is it still advocated for here, in America? For all the talk about Capitalists being dirty, we sure do get things done, and done well.. 

The information system required to maintain a functioning economy cannot truly be fully understood by the human mind in such a way as to control it to our will. There are some things we cannot control—organized chaos is still organized. Moreover, it’s called the law of supply and demand. Not the theory. Sort of like the law of gravity. These are natural laws because of the way human evolution has progressed. Economics isn’t a mathematics, it’s a science of cause and effect based on individual self-interested actors in a certain type of economic market or framework.

Communism is a Command Economy or Command Market. Capitalism is a Market Economy. The Market dictates. The Market is made up of individual consumers, like you and I. A Market Economy sends price signal data and information through the actions of self-interested and rational individual consumers to suppliers and producers which in-turn show where what resources are needed where, and for how much. The how much is important. It shows where it’s most required. Same resource. Different prices. Seems subjectively valued. Interesting. 

Lastly, Communism is also a philosophical system of thought, the part least talked about in some media and the Far Left Side of Congress. Communism makes the individual subservient to the majority because there are no inherent individual rights in the eyes of a communist, socialist, democratic socialist. Don’t even get me started on Communist China’s Socialist whatever. The Communist’s philosophical system is not only politically and economically ineffective and inefficient, it is also immoral and abhorrent. It uses the coercion and force of the state to make individuals bend the knee. 

Communism tells you that you are worthless than other people and that other people are more important than you because your individual opinion means nothing compared to the collective’s. Regardless if you disagree. In fact, dissent usually leads to execution. How nice. 

Communism also makes individuals bend the knee. If men were angels, we wouldn’t need government to protect us from other’s coercion—not to use coercion on individuals to make us bend the knee to the State’s will. Moreover, Communism is illogical because it dictates that what the majority wills is correct and moral. Sounds quite similar to what we are hearing from those on the Far-Left Radical side of the Democratic Establishment. I wonder why. 

The majority can vote to steal all the money from X to pay for Y. It’s still stealing. Stealing is immoral. What is someone’s fair share anyway? You don’t have the right to other people’s labor and hard-earned wealth. Even if inherited. Someone earned it, the government didn’t. Neither did you. Why is it looked down upon to encourage not being average? Middle class? Why not Upper Class? Or whatever makes you happy, that works too. Money doesn’t buy you happiness, it buys you Freedom. Happiness is a mindset. 

Our country, the United States of America, is founded upon individual responsibility, “We hold these truths to be Self Evident, that all men are created Equal, Endowed by their Creator to certain inalienable Rights, and among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” You don’t purchase happiness, you pursue it. And the right to Life and Liberty are Absolute—doesn’t mean individuals cannot forfeit these rights. 

The inherent right to life means you also have to be the one responsible for its direction, the right to control life is a powerful tool. And it’s a beautiful thing, when used properly, such as on the individual level. Difficult, yes, but worth it when you believe you can do it. That is all it really takes. Support systems are recommended, too. Mine is the best. No man is an island. 

In short, Communism is amazing because of its proponent’s ability to keep such a terrible array of subject matter alive and popular for so long. And to currently be able to convince people it’s a viable idea, or this type of [communism] is “different from that [communism.]” Other than that, it is as worthless as the gum we all accidentally step on sometimes. Communism is also evil, destructive, and immoral. Those are pretty important, too. 

Capitalism is the greatest system mankind has ever invented, so far. We did just come up with it around 200 or so years ago. It is not perfect. But it’s the best we have created yet. That’s because it thinks about and zealously advocates for the individual, not the collective. Individuals are humans, and we are flawed and make mistakes. Communism, however, isn’t mistaking how it treats humans. That’s Communism’s whole purpose: the State and its Slaves.

My bad. Freudian slip. I mean the State and Its citizens. Capitalism is We the People, and Our government. Quite the difference in slogan.

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