Democrat Politician HIT-AND-RUN: Councilwoman Ran Over Cyclist And Drove Off


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A Democrat City Councilwoman from New Jersey hit an Uber Eats cyclist at an intersection and drove off in her vehicle without assisting the person she collided with. Amy DeGise, a lifelong “educator” in the state, did not report her hit and run until hours later.

After initial reports alleged the incident, a video has been released showing the event as it happened:

Daily Wire reports:

Jersey City councilwoman is facing calls for her resignation after being allegedly caught on a traffic camera crashing into a bicyclist and continuing on her way.

Ann DeGise, a first-term, at-large city council member and the daughter of powerful Democrat Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, had the green light and did not appear to be the cause of the July 19 incident, according to officials. But the fact that she allegedly did not stop to see if Andrew Black, 31, was okay has stoked outrage in the city and among her council colleagues.

“Past being elected its a living human being, it was really hard for me to witness that,” said Councilman Frank Gilmore. “It’s a matter of public trust, it’s a matter of respect, it’s a matter of human decency.”

Another fellow councilmember, James Solomon, was among the first to sign a petition calling for DeGise to resign.

“The word I use is horrified, that’s how I felt watching the video,” Solomon told “She’s an elected official and we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard and that’s why I think she should resign.”

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