Trump Trolls Biden at LIV Golf Tourney


45th President Donald Trump took some time to greet fans and troll Joe Biden at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, which is hosting the LIV Golf League. LIV is the PGA Tour’s new Saudi-backed rival.

After hearing roaring applause, chants of “Four More Years,” and teeing off with some of golf’s top players, Trump later stopped to chat with fans on the links, ripping Biden’s physical ability.

Trump, who smacked his drive off the tee impressively for a 76-year-old, asked folks who captured a video of the scene, “You think Biden can hit a ball like that?”


According to insiders, Trump has already decided to run for President, a decision that would surely excite dozens of millions of Americans. However, many conservatives are calling for new leadership.

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5 Responses

  1. Our clue to work to get Trump back into the White House is the painfully clear fact that everybody hates him. That’s the kind of guy we need. He throws the cover off who the real enemies of the U.S. truly are.

  2. We need to have Trump come back and turn our country around if that’s at all possible after another two years of Biden’s destruction. Then I think if we could see DeSantis win two terms in 2028 & 2032, this would continue the healing in the US, and mend relationships around the world.

  3. King David reigned because he was ANNOINTED by God to be King. President Trump was APPOINTED by God to use his Sampson Like strength, to reaveal evil that has stolen this nation. No one else could have done that,. Time for a change in style of leadership.

  4. I don’t particularly like Trump but he’s not a member of the elitist, disassociated “Washington Cadre” so there’s a better chance he’ll actually consider the American people in his decisions.

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