Democrats/MLB: “We Love Dogs! Let’s Kick One”


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Major League Baseball – and the Democrats that persuaded them to take the MLB All-Star Game away from Atlanta to protest Georgia’s new voter ID law – have proven once and for all that Democrats are morons.

Imagine you owned a cat, and your two closest neighbors owned dogs.  After a halfhearted attempt to persuade you to replace your cat with a dog, the neighbor to your right attempts to punish you – by kicking the dog of your neighbor to the left.

Animal cruelty aside, you’d think the neighbor was an idiot.  But his behavior would make perfect sense…to a Democrat. 

As dumb as rank-and-file Democrats are, you’d think they’d know kicking other Democrats in the head doesn’t really help their cause.  But that’s exactly what they just persuaded MLB to do. 

See if you can follow their logic (hint: if you can, see a psychiatrist). 

Georgia passed a law laying out a new set of voting regulations, which the New York Times called “a breathtaking assertion of partisan power.”  According to the Times, the law includes such attacks on democracy as (1) requiring voters to show ID, (2) banning Democrat officials from mailing absentee ballots to everyone, even people who didn’t request them, and (3) “essentially banning the use of RVs as mobile voting centers” (who hasn’t used their friend’s camper as a voting booth?). 

In response to these vile measures, Democrats flooded MLB with messages demanding the All-Star game be held elsewhere.  MLB, being the liberal lapdogs they are, agreed within a week, costing themselves money already spent on preparing to hold the game in Atlanta. 

Atlanta, meanwhile, is a city dominated by (drumroll please) the Democratic Party.  The city hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1879.  About sixty percent of the city population is made up of Black, Hispanic, and Asian voters – the very groups Democrats claim the voting law hurts (but hey, they have no problem taking away from them an expected $100 million in tourism dollars!).  Without Atlanta, in fact, Democrats wouldn’t have a prayer of winning Georgia overall.  But hey, why not punish Atlanta?

Meanwhile, Republicans living in more rural parts of the state will feel approximately zero of the economic side-effects of MLB’s decision.  And a fair number of Atlanta Democrats will be angry that other Democrats took the All-Star Game away from them.  It probably won’t help that Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer immediately took advantage of the situation to ask MLB to move the game to his home state of New York, even though Georgia’s two Democrat senators (both elected in 2020, without any fraud I’m sure!) are the only reason his party was able to gain the majority. 

Naturally, not wanting any fraud, MLB officially requires fans to show ID in order to pick up their All-Star tickets. 


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