EXCLUSIVE: New Twitter CEO Helped Write WEF Paper That Praised Murderous Chinese Communist Party (DETAILS)

Column | Washington’s Bayonette EXCLUSIVE: Like owner, like CEO.  Elon Musk’s new CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, seems to agree with him on the wonders and successes of the genocidal and dictatorial Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Yaccarino contributed to an April 2020 White Paper praising China’s “values-driven” attempt to exercise more government control over Chinese media.  The white paper even […]

2023: The Worst Bank Failure Year EVER

In March, I wrote for the Rogue Review that “anyone who assumes the bank failures of 2023 are over is a fool.” On Monday, the U.S. experienced its second-largest bank failure of all time (even after adjusting for inflation), making 2023 the runaway historical leader in banks going bust. There are still 8 months left […]

US Helped Russia Commit Another Holodomor-Like Massacre In Ukraine

Opinion Column | Washington’s Bayonette The Russian invasion of Ukraine has left Ukraine devasted and a hundred thousand or more of its people dead. One cannot but recall the Holodomor massacre the Russian Soviets carried out against the Ukrainians in the 20th century.  Only this time, the U.S. helped Russia to commit the massacre of […]

SATIRE: A Woke New World: Disney Songs Re-Written By Left-Wingers

Satire | Washington’s Bayonette Thank goodness—songs in Disney’s new, woke The Little Mermaid live-action remake has been updated to be less sexist and patriarchal and all that evil stuff.  “Kiss the Girl,” will now involve Ariel giving consent to be kissed—in case Ariel betraying her father and entire kingdom and selling her voice to a witch to chase […]

SALGADO: How DC And China Murder Hundreds Of Americans With Opioids Every Day

Based on the most recent statistics (2021), 292 Americans died of drug overdoses — mostly fentanyl —every day.  That’s appalling.  We have a terrible drug crisis on our hands, particularly affecting young people, and the Biden administration’s border policies are making the problem worse.  But since when were Democrats (or establishment Republicans, for that matter) interested in solving […]

HOLCOMB: On Libertarianism From The High Seas

There have been quite a few discussions recently online surrounding the resurgence of the 2003 film Master and Commander. While movies like Pirates of the Caribbean got all the box office acclaim and numerous sequel movies, the story behind Master and Commander has taken on a life of its own, particularly in today’s political climate. […]

THOMAS: Stocks Drop, Banks Go Bust — Inflation To Soar

Banks Killed Bush, But What About Biden? If Joe Biden isn’t privately panicking over the two recent major bank failures, he really is the worst leader in U.S. history. While nearly 100 banks with a billion dollars or more in assets have failed in the last 50 years, the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank […]