Despite Extramarital Scandal with Wounded Warrior’s Wife, Cunningham Leads Tillis in NC Senate Race


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Two new polls show Democrat Cal Cunningham still leading incumbent Republican Thom Tillis (R). The Center for Survey Research at East Carolina University reports that Cunningham has a 48% to 47% lead over Tillis. Meanwhile, a Meredith College poll has Cunningham up 43.3% to 38.2%, with 14.1% claiming to be undecided.

These polls are significant considering Cunningham is in the midst of three extramarital affairs allegations, one of which was with a wounded warrior’s wife. Cunningham’s affairs are so egregious that the U.S Army Reserves are investigating his relationships.

Since the news broke, Cunningham has kept a low profile and has continuously dodged questions involving his affairs. When asked whether he’s had more sexual relationships, Cunningham pivoted to Thom Tillis, claiming that “North Carolinians are tired of hearing about personal issues.”

Cunningham’s low profile strategy seems to be working, as there haven’t been any major polls where Tillis is ahead. However, Cunningham’s campaign has lost all of its momentum, while the Tillis camp seems to be gaining steam. Tillis is still campaigning daily and has spoken at President Trump’s rallies in North Carolina. Cunningham, on the other hand, has completely shifted his campaign to online events, and currently has no scheduled in-person appearances on his campaign website. With eight days until election day, it seems Cal Cunningham is trying to crawl, and dodge, his way to victory.

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