DISTURBING: Video Shows Mob Of Thugs Attacking Young Woman In Lawless Chicago


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A harrowing clip has surfaced on social media showing a young woman, alone, being beaten by a group of teenagers after a chaotic weekend of lawless mobbings and senseless shootings rocked Chicago, Illinois.

In the video, a woman, who is apparently trying to enter her apartment building and make it home safe, is shouted at, surrounded, and then beaten repeatedly as the mob of violent teens screamed at her.

Turning Point USA founder and president Charlie Kirk shared the sickening clip to Twitter.


This beating is reportedly connected to events that transpired over the duration of the extra-violent weekend in Chicago. 11 were killed and 26 were injured in total.

“This footage is included in a sort of “mix tape” of social media posts floating purporting to be from the “large group” incident in the Loop on Saturday night,” CWB Chicago posted to Twitter alongside the clip.

Police have released nothing identifying the attackers or the victim as of yet.

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