Doctor Loses License, Fined $10,000 for Telling Patients Masks Don’t Work


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The Oregon Medical Board said it has revoked a doctor’s license and fined him $10,000 for “dishonorable or unprofessional conduct” that included telling patients that masks are ineffective and even dangerous to one’s health.

The board said earlier this month that Steven LaTulippe spurned masks and “regularly” advised patients — especially children and the elderly — that wearing them could worsen COPD, a chronic lung disease, or lead to heart attacks, strokes, collapsed lungs, and more. The board also said LaTulippe claimed incorrectly that masks are likely to harm people by causing them to re-inhale carbon dioxide.

“The amount of carbon dioxide re-breathed within a mask is trivial and would easily be expelled by an increase in minute ventilation so small it would not be noticed,” the board’s order said.

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LaTulippe, who has filed a lawsuit against medical board officials, told The Washington Post Thursday that the board had “zero evidence whatsoever of any harm that I did whatsoever in my clinic.” He reiterated the views on masks that the board described and also said he would not be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

LaTulippe has spoken at rallies in Salem, Oregon, and urged people to ‘remove their masks of shame’.  He stated that none of the staff in his clinic wore a mask or any face covering. “And how many problems did we have in our clinic from that?” he asked. “Zero! Absolutely none.”

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  1. Ok Barbi we are talking about Cold Virus with an odd spike protein that is detrimental to .08 of the population 5 million deaths across a planet of approx 7.8 billion by the way that # is also a lie it’s much less if your health is seriously compromised as with many elderly and generally a sick poisoned population because of the crap that’s allowed to be sold and passed off as food and beverages lack of exercise make even the younger apparently healthy susceptible.I am 60 and am healthy a veteran that served in Africa in the 80s with Aids and Tuberculosis guess what no mask mandate they were for the sick and dying and by the population of a few countries there the morbility% was over an 1/8 of the total pop you didn’t hear about it because it wasn’t news worthy but suddenly within the last yr and a half masks are indispensable in saving us this is about reordering the global economy and total obedience to the global rulers or you get cancelled if you exercise your 1st amendment rights wake up Barbi if this BS is not effecting your lifestyle yet just wait.Breath Freely Citizens. DUDA

  2. Amazng that for the past 50 plus years going into isolation rooms in hospitals where I worked for 40 years, the mandate to wear masks, gowns, gloves and booties (PPE ) was enforced to prevent the spread of TB, AIDS or any other contagious disease being treated.. Those patients were required to be masked as they were moved to x-ray or any other areas. We were so much wiser then .. All you naysayers , you got it going on.. Ittook 5-7 years to understand and effectively treat AIDS.. but I guess you all know that.. right?

  3. It’s great that a Physician is bold enough to publicly put forth what the dark side has been doing to dupe the public with false information that floods the media for so long Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

  4. This is smart Doctor who is standing up for his medical oath and that is wonderful to see. May Heavenly Father protect him, staff and family. In the name of Jesus.

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