NEW Project Veritas Exposé Shows J&J Employees Explaining Why They REFUSED Company’s Jab


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The third installment of Project Veritas’ latest undercover drop was released earlier today by James O’Keefe, first via email. The group released two parts of footage last week, opening eyes to the COVID-19 vaccination’s dangerous potential, telling cautionary tales at the same time.

In part one, we saw a brave whistleblower tell her vaccine-resistant colleague’s heartbreaking and fatal story last week, and in part two, we saw the kind of radical person the FDA hires. Each was extremely concerning and both are worth the watch. (links to Part 1 and 2 below)

This week’s footage is a series of clips amounting to testaments against the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from two of its own employees.


Watch part 1:

FULL CLIP: Project Veritas Releases BOMBSHELL Interview with Dept. of Health Whistleblower: “Evil At the Highest Levels”

Watch part 2:

FULL VIDEO: Project Veritas JUST Released MORE Bombshell Footage, This Time EXPOSING an FDA Employee

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