WATCH: Arizona Audit Team CAUGHT Maricopa Admins Deleting Files


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Friday, Republican Arizona officials released the results of the long-anticipated forensic audit into Maricopa County’s 2020 Election.

Throughout the multi-hour presentation, findings were explained and broken down for viewers and the State Senate. Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, presiding over the audit presentation, stopped short of suggesting Biden did lose the election. But, she sent the following letter to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich following the audit’s release, urging the AG to take necessary action regarding irregularities:

Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways from the audit’s results is the fact that an admin account DELETED Maricopa County election logs and files ONE DAY prior to the county’s audit. Ben Cotton shared the IT data releases showing this and even made an announcement that the committee KNOWS who exactly deleted the files. Upon hearing this revelation, the room roared with applause.

Watch that clip here:

Another major takeaway is the nearly 55,000 problematic ballots reported in the audit. Here is a table breaking down the irregularities that had a significant impact on the results of the election:

You can access ALL of Cyber Ninjas’ audit presentations HERE on the Arizona Senate Republicans website.

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