Eastern Oregon Preparing to SECEDE from Coastal Liberals


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Voters in Eastern Oregon fed up with the state’s Liberal and woke policies are gaining momentum in trying to get the Eastern part of the state to secede and officially become part of Idaho. The Greater Idaho movement, a secessionist group in Eastern Oregon, has been successful in gaining support from residents and even some key players in the state legislature.

In order for Eastern Oregon’s secession to happen, Oregon’s legislature would have to approve the plan and redraw the state’s map to conjoin the eastern counties with Idaho.

The movement, which has gained momentum in recent years after residents have become fed up with the state’s liberal policies, seeks a new direction for their part of the state. 

“It makes more sense for Eastern Oregonians to get state-level governance coming from Idaho, where they share their values, share their culture, share their politics, than it does to be governed by Western Oregon,” Greater Idaho’s spokesman Matt McCaw said in an interview with Fox News Digital. 

Crime and Homelessness have been increasing in the state of Oregon over the last two years thanks to the state’s liberal governance policies, particularly stemming from the city of Portland, which has arguably become America’s most dysfunctional left-wing city.

Sexual offenses in the city of Portland have increased by 10 percent and crime as a whole has increased by nearly 24 percent compared to last year. 

On the movement’s website, the group levels several grievances against the liberal Oregon government that are fueling its push:

  • Taxpayer-funded abortions
  • Males in girls’ sports
  • Homelessness and housing problems
  • Statewide COVID mandates and lockdowns

Part of the group’s vision includes 15 counties in Eastern Oregon that would become part of Idaho if their movement is successful.

Here is a map showing the current breakdown of Eastern Oregon’s support for the Greater Idaho Movement. 9 counties have already voted in favor of joining Idaho.

Several of the movement’s advocates say that another reason for their proposal includes the government’s promotion of radical experiments such as allowing schools to teach critical race theory and anti-Americanism, along with radical theories on gender and sexuality. 

Idaho is a preferred state for many conservatives to relocate to thanks to its low cost of living along with its low crime rates and high educational scores. 

“We’re not leaving Oregon; Northwestern Oregon left us,” the movement said.

If successful gaining support from all 15 counties, the movement can force a vote for secession in the coming year.

“It’s always been a problem,” McCaw said, referring to the state voting for Joe Biden despite a large number of Eastern Oregon voting for President Trump in the 2020 election, “Because the West side has many more voters.”

4 Responses

  1. The reason secession makes sense is the pervasive cancel culture of the Left. Cancel culture assumes that the Leftists are correct, so they have no interest in listening to anything you have to say. Some Leftists pretend to listen, but only for a short time and only to give you a chance to repent and admit they are right.

    That position, which is hardening every year because of the lack of intellectual freedom and diversity in the press and the lack of active political opposition from Republicans, makes it nearly impossible to resolve conflicts. The recent aggressive campaign against what they call “misinformation” (anything that contradicts the Narrative) is the icing on the cake.

  2. Why not consider joining up with “The State of Jefferson” which is the extreme northern part of CA & the very southern
    portion of Oregon. It has been talking about seceding for decades & is currently very active.

  3. I used to love to spend vacations in Washington & Oregon back in the mid 90’s. That was before all of the weirdo’s from California took their money and moved to Oregon & Washington to avoid paying “capital gains” on the sales of their overinflated California property. The down side was they “destroyed” the housing economy of Oregon & Washington. Now both states are “woke hell holes” making life miserable for the original residents. I hope the eastern counties are successful in seceding. Then what is left of Oregon will self destruct. Good riddance to the garbage from California which has also infected it’s woke agenda on Colorado and Arizona.

    1. I have thought for some years that the rural and conservative counties of Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon and northeastern California should join forces and become one state. Whether or not they would add themselves to Idaho would be subject to negotiation. If not, they could become a new state, possibly named Northwest or West Idaho or maybe New Oregon. The name, of course, is immaterial; the important idea is that the citizens of these areas would have a voice rather than be subject to the liberal forces of Wahington, Oregon and California. In effect, it would be a step toward democracy for these areas. Furthermore, it could balance liberal schemes to gain more Senate seats by granting statehood to Puerto Rico or Washington, DC.

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