WATCH: Pelosi Threatened Violence on Trump During J6


nancy pelosi smiles as house bill passes banning assault weapons
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CNN has released a new film from the halls of the Capitol, which includes extensive footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her entourage during the January 6 breach.

In one clip, Pelosi said she would “punch” Trump if he ‘trespassed’ on Capitol grounds: “I’m gonna punch him out and I’m gonna go to jail and I’m gonna be happy,” she said.


In another video posted to Twitter, Pelosi can be seen looking on as infamous January 6 mystery man Ray Epps climbs a camera tower:

Epps, accused by many Republicans of stoking the flames on January 6, was seen in numerous videos on the night before and the day of the Capitol breach, insisting that the protestors storm the Capitol.

In a clip from the night before J6, other Trump supporters chanted, “Fed!” at Epps while he told them they should break windows and enter the building. Rep. Thomas Massie exposed Epps during a House hearing, but Epps seems to be the only rioter Democrats aren’t interested in prosecuting.

Many believe Epps is a federal agent, and Congressional Democrats, including higher-ups in the FBI, have refused to confirm or deny his employment.

While January 6 was a harrowing event for many, the American citizens who are now locked up in Biden’s federal prison are facing a new level of evil. In Biden’s lockup, J6 political prisoners have dealt with malnourishment and brutal beatings from guards, and some have even tragically committed suicide.

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  1. Let me say this. I respect women. I will protect a woman if necessary. But PIGLOUSEY is the exception. She is the most evil, disgusting, vile, traitor and excuse for a female member of Congress in the history of Congress. Anybody care to bet that this “she devil” did not receive any of the Covid death serum? She learned well from her father who was a corrupt politician back in Maryland. Her mother SHOULD have visited a Planned Parenthood clinic.

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