Facing a Recall, Gavin Newsom Lifts Stay at Home Order for Californians, Gives the Biden Economy a Boost


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Within the past few weeks, California Governor Gavin Newsom has come dangerously close to facing a recall on next fall’s ballot. An online petition has garnered 1.2 million signatures, meaning Newsom’s petition only needs 300,000 more signatures to qualify for an official ballot measure in California.

Newsom’s problem at home, coupled with a Biden presidency carrying a grim economic outlook, have led him to lift his stay at home order for the state.

Why it’s news:

Unsurprisingly, Gavin Newsom is scared of this ballot measure, which could explain why he has backtracked his stance that California should remain in lockdown.

  • According to Newsom, California has had many  “positive signs” that Coronavirus is not as harmful.
  • Quickly after seeing these signs, Governor Newsom loosened many county-wide Covid restrictions.
  • There is also speculation that Biden’s economy is another reason Newsom has decided to reopen California.

What they’re saying:

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was quick to attack Newsom, the California Democrat.

  • In a tweet, Lahren asked Newsom if his decision to reopen was motivated “by the desire to give Biden an unearned economic boost or because you’re about to be recalled? Maybe both?”

The fallout:

Governor Newsom’s sudden COVID retraction is one of many coming from Democrats in blue states since President Trump left office.

  • This reopening can help stimulate the Biden presidency’s lackluster, job-killing economy.
  • More Democrat governors and mayors are likely to follow Newsom’s lead.

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