Joe Biden Makes History with 33 Executive Orders in His First Week, Slashing Thousands of Jobs


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Joe Biden—or rather his puppet masters—have gotten really busy since Inauguration Day.  Biden has signed no fewer than thirty-three executive orders in only seven days.

All of them are, naturally, meant to destroy everything Trump accomplished during his presidency.  The reinstated COVID restrictions on travelers to the United States from the Schengen Area, the UK, Ireland, and South Africa was very predictable, as was the 100 Day Masking Challenge and the halt to US withdrawal from the World Health Organization (and your favorite Dr. Fauci is head of the delegation to the WHO!  Who better fitted by competence and character?).

There is now a Pandemic Testing Board and FEMA is creating “federally supported” vaccination centers (remember Trump’s vaccine? Or did Big Brother already rewrite history and claim that for himself?)—in fact, there are numerous executive orders expanding government control in light of the “pandemic.”  There are a number of orders which are particularly concerning besides the various unconstitutional COVID restrictions, however.

Trump’s 1776 Commission has been axed, supposedly in the interests of “racial equity.”  The Keystone XL pipeline has been canceled and Biden is rejoining the Paris Climate Accord.  Non-citizens (i.e. illegal aliens) are required to be included in the census, and in congressional apportionment.  Construction of the border wall has been halted and the US is a “safe haven” for illegals who were scheduled for deportation until June 30, 2022.

One executive order “lays the foundation” for a $15 minimum wage (amazing how much free money we must have lying around!).  And one of the most recent orders removes Trump’s ban on transgenders serving in the military.

This is only the first five days’ worth of executive orders.  Expect things to get much worse in the United States of Alinsky in the next four years.  The citizen revolution advocated in the 1700s by the Founding Fathers is starting to sound very relevant. . .

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