Fauci ADMITS: ‘This Wouldn’t Be the First Time a Jab Actually Made People WORSE’


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In unearthed footage from a 2020 live meeting with Meta/Facebook czar Mark Zuckerberg, NIH propagandist-in-chief Tony Fauci was receptive to the possibility that the COVID-19 vaccines are making people more likely to be infected by the virus itself.

This is a rapid 360-degree difference in messaging from the ‘scientist,’ who has recently been begging parents to get their toddlers jabbed with Pfizer or Moderna.

“This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse,” Fauci said. Continuing, he went into some history: “There was the history of the respiratory syncytial virus vaccine in children, which paradoxically made the children worse. One of the HIV vaccines we tested some years ago, actually made individuals more likely to get infected.”

This is quite the turn in messaging from big pharma’s best friend. WATCH:

If Fauci is right about vaccines worsening the virus, as studies are showing may be possible, this wouldn’t be the first time he was terribly wrong at the expense of Americans. Here he is back in the ’80s suggesting HIV/AIDS could be transmitted simply due to being in close quarters with someone infected:


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