Fox Reporter HUMILIATES Karine Jean-Pierre As U.S. Enters Recession


Fox News reporter Peter Doocy humiliated White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Wednesday during the daily briefing.

Jean-Pierre has the unfortunate job of covering for the White House while Joe Biden’s administration is turning America into a contracting economy headed towards a surefire recession after today marks two straight quarters with negative Growth Domestic Product (GDP).

The technical definition of a recession is just that – two straight quarters with a negative GDP – but the White House has attempted to change that definition in recent months.

Peter Doocy, the toughest reporter for Biden’s press room thus far, asked Jean-Pierre if America is headed towards a recession, basing his reasoning on the technical definition that CURRENT White House official Brian Deese used in 2008 as a member of Obama’s team.


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7 Responses

  1. Both, the previous and present Press Secretary’s, had a hard job of telling the truth about anything. If someone would ask a super easy question, like “Did the President go to the potty last night?”, both would give a different answer, but how would they know unless they were there. The Biden Administration is a total joke. The ones handling the money, how many of them ever really worked a real job? I know, some were educators, lawyers, politicians, doctors, dentists, and maybe a handyperson. Only one worked for a company handling money for 20 years, a few did for a very few years, but none can count without using their toes. How many are related to someone working for the President? How many are neighbors looking for a high paying do nothing job? How many are just plain weird? Sorry folks, how many in the higher positions of our government even knows anything about the job or position that they are holding? Take a look at the Secretary of Transportation. What does he know about anything concerning diving a big rig, a commercial pilot, what’s required of an officer on a ship? He has no idea. Someone asked him about driving a rig, and he stated that he drove one for a while, maybe 2 minutes (took that long for him to jump in and out of the cab), He might have driven a truck, a small ford pickup. What’s not so funny, is that a lot of the higher ups didn’t know anything about the job until the staffers and janitors told them how to do it. They are the ones supporting the President. Any wonder why the Press Secretary can’t give answers? That easy, they make things up and then tell President Joe what he’s supposed to do now.

  2. I’d love to see a Trump/Desantis ticket myself. Especially if the old hag Clinton runs with Harris which is a Democratic rumor. Whoever runs, we need to step up the watch on the dirty ballots and other Democrats tricks to steal another election.

  3. Any of the four names that you listed (Trump, DeSantis, Haley, or Carlson) would be a great improvement over the unbelievable nightmare that continues from the White House!

  4. She is just like the last one that hade this fob. She is never prepared for the question and flounders for the answers. But I guess it is hard to defend a failed POTUS with out having to lie and cover for him.

  5. She is not better than the last one. Never prepared for the questions and than flounders through the questions. Really they
    can not find better people for this job. I know it is hard to defend a failed POTUS.

  6. It’s either Trump or DiSantis…DiSantis would be the one to come to the helm since he is the younger of the two…but either one of those two would be ABLE to handle the job! If people would just not “judge” Trump on personality, but his knowledge of running a business and that is how he handled the Presidency…it worked!! What WAS working is now a MESS made by this person who was given the title of President and who is not worthy or knows not what he does etc!!
    His “so-called” working partner … should also be given a permanent vacation…She has no knowledge of the job that comes with the title, Vice-President! How is it that America has “let” itself be led by it’s nose into infamy…Godlessness…etc. YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN!! GOD BLESS AMERICA! (NOW!!)

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