New Zealand PM: We Are Your Single Source of Truth


new zealand prime minister says we are your source of truth
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Citizen Free Press (CFP) shared an archived, rarely-seen video on Tuesday of New Zealand’s Prime Minister making chilling comments in 2021 about her government being the “single source of truth”. 

On Tuesday, the reporters at CFP tweeted out this video, which was also reposted by major conservative publications like the Daily Wire:

Flashback: this press brief took place in 2021. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the comments last year during a COVID-19 announcement to the press. 

She proclaimed herself and her government as the people’s sole source of truth, especially when it relates to medical news and updates. 

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“You can trust us as a source of [medical] information. You can also trust the director general of health and the ministry of health. For that information, do feel free to visit at any time to clarify any rumor you may hear…”

Otherwise, dismiss anything else. 

We will continue to be your single source of truth.”

She continued, “unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth.”

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During 2020 and 2021, New Zealand was a leader in dystopian COVID-19 policies. The prime minister set a “zero COVID” policy – a move that crushed businesses and individuals. A New Zealand columnist put it this way: 

“New Zealand has not come to this realisation. It has fetishised ’zero risk’ for the past 17 months and show little interest in updating its strategy.”

New Zealand even arrested two men for bringing KFC chicken into a locked down city, with the men facing up to six months in prison. 

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  1. New Zealand (similar to Australia) was and remains a test lab for mass public control. Theories, processes, and protocols are being refined in such labs so as to ensure their readiness and efficacy in use in substantively larger “venues” (countries).

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