FULL CLIP: Project Veritas Releases BOMBSHELL Interview with Dept. of Health Whistleblower: “Evil At the Highest Levels”


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In a new long-awaited Project Veritas drop, James O’Keefe does it again. This time, the brave whistleblower willing to speak out to the guerilla journalist is Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse.

O’Malley, an employee at the Department of Health and Human Services, works in an Indian Health Services hospital. These hospitals treat members of Native American reservations as well as Alaskans. O’Malley decided to blow the whistle when her friend and co-worker, who refused the vaccine initially due to her religious beliefs, died after being FORCED to take just one dose of the jab.

Speaking to O’Keefe, O’Malley discussed a number of extremely concerning and alarming things she witnessed as a federal health employee. While O’Malley’s recorded conversations are played, the audience sees doctors and administrative employees explaining their experiences, with some even defending their costly ignorance in the name of serving the federal government.

One federal doctor, Maria Gonzales, the hospital’s Emergency Room Director, testified to O’Malley that the vaccine is “full of bullshit,” and even said that the medical community isn’t even bothering to do studies on adverse vaccine reactions.

Amongst the examples of adverse reactions WITNESSED in THIS hospital was a severe case of myocarditis, or congestive heart failure.


[18 Top FDA Scientists Caution Against Vaxx Boosters, Citing Potential Adverse Reactions]

The smoke and mirrors on vaccines from the federal government, the Biden administration, and the media MUST cease. Americans DEMAND transparency. And here at the Rogue Review, we’ll continue to keep you up to date on the latest adverse reports. As we work to do so, please consider subscribing below, if you haven’t already. We appreciate your support!

17 Responses

  1. I have w watched so many interviews with bill Gates and fauci that state its all bs and just control and the vacs does nothing ! A vaccine keeps you from getting it ! My cousin and her mom got the shot and had c19 before they got home

  2. It is the same s**t all over the world, here in Europe it is even worse with Italy @ the first place denying and not allowing home therapies and introducing a Covid pass to ALL workers. Please americans stand up, you are the only ones who can stop this hysteria!… the whole world will follow then. People are suffering serious adverse reactions (and are dying) in EU too but nobody seems to care😞 We are all considered ignorant, crazy and dangerous no-vax…

  3. The administration is EVIL. Autism has risen from 1 in 18,000 to 1 in 54 due to vaccinations. Why aren’t doctors reporting this? Because they will loose their jobs that’s why. They are over concerned about everyone getting the Covid 19 vaccine. Something is fishy. They don’t care if people die. Satan is alive and well

  4. I believe we are witnessing a modern day Holocaust on a grand scale worldwide to irradiate the planet of more life and bring more world power! It’s not human life they are defending its planet and power they are defending
    This is a Life Holocaust!
    They don’t want human life to be preserved in any form!
    Pray for the souls of many to be saved!
    Pray for people to COME to JESUS!!!!!!!

  5. Could pushing the vaccines be a way to “pump up” the pharmaceutical companies after there billion dollar losses due to the opioid lawsuits? I wonder how much our ruling class has invested in them?!?

  6. I continue to say…it is a known fact that you can still contract C-19 even if you are vaccinated; therefore, it stands to reason that if a vaccinated person can contract it, they can also spread it; so, in summary, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or not! The same thing can happen.

    1. I too agree with what everyone is saying it is a hoax it’s a Holocaust and the government is trying to get rid of the older people and thin out the trueborn Americas

    2. Well it matters to the people who harvest your organs and hand them out only to vaccinated people. Stop donating organs until they stop that practice. Let’s play “if’s” for a moment: if they said they wouldn’t give organs to black people – do you think anyone would stand for that? It’s ridiculous. Stop them by not donating.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with the above comments. The vaccine has not been fully investigated especially with regard to long-term as well as short term side effects. The fact that the government is pushing this vaccine so hard on US citizens should tell us something is up. Especially with this Biden regime trying to control everyone. It’s especially scary that they are hastily pushing this vaccine onto children knowing full well that we have no idea of the side effects that may impact these children for the rest of their lives. They are placing restrictions on our ability to work, go to school and simply live our lives with free choice as to what we put in our bodies. This is complete and total tyranny! We must fight back and let our voices be heard! We the people are in charge not the government!

  8. There is no reason Dr.s should not be allowed to practice medicine! The use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been safe to use for years and are inexpensive! You hear nothing of what you can do as a preventative from COVID getting severe. There should be more public outreach in the form of education like Vit C, zinc, Vit D and natural ways to build immunity. What happened to checking for antibodies? All you hear is that you need to get the vax. This vax has never been approved! The government and the media Are overstepping their boundaries and should not be telling medical personnel how to do their jobs! This is communistic and has got to stop! Getting rid of Dr. Fauci would be the first big step, he is only after his own interests and continually contradicts himself and lies. I truly admire this nurse for coming forward! Thank you from one nurse to another!

    1. yep, I’ve been on HCQ for a decade or so for my arthritis, safe as milk, yet I read all the horror stories about it in the press and wonder what they are talking about. I got Covid caring for my 97 years mother who was triple vaxed, I’m not vaxed. It was just a cold for both of us. Just a cold. Other countries have classified Covid as a common cold/flu, what is our problem?

  9. I believe we will follow Australia. We should lead instead. We the people Are in charge. It’s time we accept our role and lead

    1. People are suffering, families are losing loved ones. This is America not Nazi Germany. How did we come to this? The end of times is here.

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