Senior Twitter Engineer: “We’re All Commie As F***” (VIDEO)

project veritas commie as f-ck screenshot

Last month, tech tycoon Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, aiming to free the bird app from its censorship, bots, and unpopular algorithms. Since this purchase will potentially be a plus for conservatives, the far-left employees at Twitter are predictably lashing out behind closed doors. However, the incredible right-wing organization Project Veritas reported Monday […]

VIDEOS: Project Veritas EXPOSES New Jersey Poll Workers; Other Footage Shows Faulty Machines

In all-too-unsurprising developments, Project Veritas and New Jersey citizens have posted clips to the internet showing election irregularities in the Garden State, known for its corruption and mismanagement. Incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy came out on top of underdog Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli in Tuesday’s election, but even as early as Wednesday, folks shared concerns […]

FULL CLIP: Project Veritas Just Exposed Pfizer AGAIN with Leaked Emails from Senior Officials

Project Veritas released ANOTHER exposé Wednesday night after previously hinting at an “especially shocking” release earlier in the day. Like the fourth undercover video released in this current vaccine series, the fifth featured a whistleblower from Pfizer. Throughout the last video, Pfizer scientists repeatedly admit that natural immunity is much stronger than the protection vaccines […]

WATCH: James O’Keefe CONFRONTS Cowardly Pfizer Scientist

In a surprise clip release, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe confronts Nick Karl, a Pfizer scientist caught admitting natural immunity’s superior efficacy against COVID-19 in PV’s latest undercover clips. WATCH the confrontation here: You can watch ALL of Project Veritas’ clips here, in order, starting with Parts 1 and 2:

JUST IN: New Project Veritas Clip Exposes Pfizer and Confirms What Many Americans Feared

Project Veritas has released a FOURTH COVID-19 vaccine exposé, this time releasing a video featuring undercover footage from scientists at Pfizer. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, has administered the third-most vaccine doses in the world. Throughout the clips, Pfizer scientists repeatedly admit that natural immunity is much stronger than the protection vaccines reportedly bring. Here are […]

NEW Project Veritas Exposé Shows J&J Employees Explaining Why They REFUSED Company’s Jab

The third installment of Project Veritas’ latest undercover drop was released earlier today by James O’Keefe, first via email. The group released two parts of footage last week, opening eyes to the COVID-19 vaccination’s dangerous potential, telling cautionary tales at the same time. In part one, we saw a brave whistleblower tell her vaccine-resistant colleague’s […]