FULL CLIP: Rand Paul SLAMS Becerra for Ignoring Natural Immunity, Shaming Americans


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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) did it again on Thursday, once more SLAMMING a Biden official during a Senate hearing regarding COVID-19 and natural immunity.

Paul, a REAL doctor, has led the way in Republican messaging on the importance of natural immunity when discussing COVID-19, vaccines, and the many valid reasons for vaccination refusal.

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra is the latest victim of Rand Paul’s intelligent fury. During Thursday’s hearing, Paul questioned Becerra on Israel’s study showing natural immunity’s vastly superior protection against COVID-19.

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Asking Becerra about this study, Becerra responded that he was unaware of its existence. Paul retorted, with understandable concern, suggesting Becerra probably should know, considering his position and his responsibilities.

Paul then hilariously drilled Becerra about his expertise on science — which is, like so many ‘health’ bureaucrats, void of real education — and asked why he’s shaming Americans like Jonathan Isaac for refusing the vaccine while he himself has no idea how these things work.

Watch here:

Needless to say, Senator Rand Paul is one of the few voices of reason remaining in Washington. Bravo, Senator.

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